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There is a unique territory in the North Caucasus, which includes the oldest natural guarded area and amazing plant and animal world. The Caucasian Reserve consists of six departments: Western, Southern, Northern, Eastern, Khostinsky and Southeast. In this area, different climatic zones are skillfully combined, namely: a subtropical and moderate climate. The main ridge of the region is his heart. It stretched for hundreds of kilometers, and has a maximum height of 3345 meters above sea level. The unique peak is called Tsakhvoa.

General characteristics of the reserve

The Caucasian Reserve can be safely called another miracle of nature. On its territory there are a huge number of caves and glaciers. The pride of the area are karst caves underground spaces, which are becoming more and more due to the leaching of soluble rocks. Almost 2% of the total area of ​​the reserve is occupied by rivers and lakes. Water resources are rich in biological organisms and fascinate with their beauty and originality. Sochi, Shakhe, Belaya Zakan and Mzymta are considered the fastest and fastest rivers.

The reserve in the North Caucasus was established in 1924. After 55 years, UNESCO representatives decided to include the territory in the list of biosphere reserves. To date, the reserve is considered a research. In addition to protecting rare plants and animals, as well as the preservation of species of ancient representatives of the flora and fauna, scientific activity is actively conducted on its territory. Unique locations allow scientists to discover new facts about the evolution of different species.

Caucasian Reserve on the map

Flora and fauna

The flora and fauna of the Caucasian Reserve is rich and diverse. More than 3,000 species of plant origin grow on the territory, among which 165 are trees and shrubs, which are represented by 142 varieties of deciduous, 16 are evergreen and deciduous, and 7 are coniferous.

The most common representative of the flora, which can often be found on the territory of the reserve, is the yew berry. The life expectancy of trees reaches 2500 years, the diameter is up to 4 meters. Unfortunately, bark, seeds, needles, berries, and even wood are poisonous.

berry yew

On the territory of the reserve you can find flowering plants that are listed in the Red Book. In total, there are about 55 species of rare or endangered representatives of the flora. The area is rich in plants of the heather family, as well as mushrooms, the varieties of which are 720. Among them there are truly fascinating specimens, unique representatives of tropical and subtropical zones.

To date, the following animals live in the Caucasian reserve: 89 species of mammals, 248 birds, 21 fish, 15 reptiles, 9 amphibians, as well as roundup, a huge number of mollusks and more than 10,000 insects.

The largest representatives

The largest representatives of the fauna are considered bison, noble deer, brown bears, European roe deer, lynx and chamas. Bison Bonasus enjoys special attention among visitors and employees of the reserve, as it is believed that it was for their protection that the park was created. Extraordinary animals are rarely found to tourists, as they are distinguished by attentiveness and alertness. Large individuals try to avoid a person.


Noble deer

Brown bear

European roe deer



At the same time, in the reserve there are often sparrows and falconry. Peregrine falcons, Caucasian black grouse, griffon vultures are considered bright representatives of birds.

peregrine falcon

caucasian black grouse

griffon vulture

The herpetofauna is represented by the Asia Minor newt, the Caucasian krestovka and Kaznakov’s viper.

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