Changes in the composition of the atmosphere causes and consequences

The atmosphere is the gaseous envelope of our planet. It is due to this protective screen that life on Earth is possible in general. But, almost every day we hear information that the state of the atmosphere is deteriorating the emission of harmful substances, a huge number of industrial enterprises that pollute the environment, various man-made disasters all this leads to extremely negative consequences, namely to the destruction of the atmosphere.

Preconditions for change

The main, and, perhaps, the determining factor in negative changes occurring in the atmospheric layer is human activity. The beginning of this negative process can be considered the Scientific and Technical Revolution exactly the time when the number of factories and factories increased significantly.

It goes without saying that gradually the situation only worsened, because the number of industrial enterprises grew, and at the same time, the automotive industry, shipbuilding, and so on began to develop.

At the same time, nature itself also has a negative impact on the state of the atmosphere the action of volcanoes, huge masses of dust in deserts, which are raised by the wind, also have an extremely negative effect on the atmospheric layer.

Changes in the composition of the atmosphere causes and consequences

Reasons for changing the composition of the atmosphere

Consider two main factors that affect the destruction of the atmospheric layer:

  • anthropogenic;
  • natural.
  • Anthropogenic provoking factor refers to human impact on the environment. Since this is the most significant factor, we will consider it in more detail.

    Changes in the composition of the atmosphere causes and consequences

    Human activity, one way or another, affects the state of the environment the construction of industrial enterprises, deforestation, pollution of water bodies, tillage. In addition, the consequences of its vital activity should be taken into account garbage processing, car exhaust gases, the development and use of equipment that contains freon, are also the cause of the destruction of the ozone layer, and at the same time the composition of the atmosphere.

    The most detrimental is the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere it is this substance that has an extremely negative impact not only on the state of the environment, but also on the state of human health. Moreover, in some cities, residents are forced to wear special protective masks during rush hour the air is so heavily polluted.

    It goes without saying that the atmosphere contains more than just carbon dioxide. As a result of the industrial activity of enterprises, the air contains an increased concentration of lead, nitrogen oxide, fluorine and other chemical compounds.

    Deforestation for pastures also has an extremely negative effect on the state of the atmosphere. Thus, an increase in the greenhouse effect is provoked, since there will be no plants that absorb carbon dioxide, but produce oxygen.

    natural impact

    This factor is less destructive, but still it takes place. The reason for the formation of a huge amount of dust and other substances is the fall of meteorites, active volcanoes, winds in deserts. Scientists also found that holes periodically appear in the ozone screen in their opinion, this is the result of not only negative human impact on the environment, but also the natural development of the planet’s geographical envelope. In fairness, it should be noted that such holes periodically disappear and then form again, so this should not be attributed to critical factors.

    Unfortunately, it is a person who has a destructive effect on the atmosphere, not realizing that by doing so he only makes worse for himself. If such a trend continues in the future, the consequences may be unpredictable, but not in the positive sense of the word.

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