Chemical pollution of the environment

One of the significant environmental problems of our time is chemical pollution of the environment.

Types of chemical pollution

  • primary chemical pollutants are formed as a result of natural and anthropogenic processes;
  • secondary occurs as a result of physical and chemical processes.
  • People have been caring about the preservation of the ecological situation for several decades, including the developed countries of the world are implementing state programs to improve the state of the environment. So over the past 20-30 years, the number of sources of chemical pollution has been significantly reduced, which is now inferior to radiation. And yet, today it is still required to protect nature from chemical pollution. In addition, the state of chemical pollution in different states differs in the degree of intensity.

    People encounter chemical compounds both at home and working at industrial enterprises. Some of them adversely affect human health, especially if accumulated in large quantities. In this regard, you need to carefully use powders, detergents and cleaners, bleaches, food additives and other.

    Varieties of chemical pollution

    One way or another, in the body of different living beings in small quantities there are chemical elements. If they enter with food, water or air in significant numbers, then this can poison the body, and even lead to its death. By consuming some trace elements in reasonable doses (vitamin complexes), they will positively affect health. The body benefits from zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.

    Chemical pollution infects different parts of the biosphere, so it is appropriate to distinguish the following types of pollution:

  • atmospheric deterioration of the air in cities and industrial zones;
  • pollution of buildings, structures, residential and industrial facilities;
  • food contamination and alteration by chemical additives;
  • pollution of the hydrosphere ground and surface water, as a result, which enters the water supply systems, is used as drinking water;
  • pollution of the lithosphere during the cultivation of the soil with agrochemistry.
  • Chemical pollution of the planet is somewhat inferior to other types of pollution, but it causes no less damage to people, animals, plants and all living things. The control and proper use of chemicals will help reduce the threat of this environmental problem.

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