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Chinese alligator (lat. Alligator sinensis) a rather small representative of the Alligators family.


Its body length does not exceed 2 meters in length, and the average weight is 2 kilograms. This representative is similar to the type of Mississipian alligator. The difference between a Chinese alligator is a more shortened muzzle with a transverse protrusion between the corners of the eyes and two longitudinal stripes of crests. The typical color is yellowish-gray. Front limbs with fingers without membranes. On the centuries there are bone shields that protect the eyes from possible damage. The muzzle is slightly raised up. Pathes the Chinese alligator with short paws and a long tail, which helps him to stay well on the water.


The Alligator received the name “Chinese” due to the fact that China is the only territory where this representative lives. She populates standing ponds, ponds and swamps. Since the habitat of the Chinese crocodile is exposed, it has adapted to hibernate for 6 or 7 months. And in order for no one to bother him, he tears the holes in depth of 5 meters. Even in the most severe frosts, the temperature of his dwelling does not drop below 10 degrees Celsius.

Over the past 12 years, the number of Chinese alligators has declined greatly. At the moment, they can be found near the eastern coast of China.

Food and hunting

Chinese alligators are active in warm times, and the rest of the time prefer to spend in sleeping mode. The hunt falls mainly in the dark. Various fish, water snails, crustaceans and mollusks are suitable for prey for Chinese alligators. Solid shells of mollusks Alligators easily gnaw at their back jaws. It can be extremely rarely a victim of a Chinese alligator, rats or ducks can become.

Social structure and propagation

As such, Chinese alligators do not have. These are mainly single reptiles. The marriage period falls in the spring, when they are most active and do not fall into a long hibernation. The female builds itself spacious nests on land from rotten plants, dirt and rods. In the formed nest, it lays from 30 to 40 eggs.

The incubation period lasts more than 2 months. Mother protects her masonry all this time in order to prevent attack from other predators. Thanks to rotten plants, the temperature of the nest is quite high, due to which the embryo is fully developing. Like most representatives, the floor of the Chinese alligator is determined by the temperature in which the embryo develops. If the temperature reaches more than 34 degrees Celsius, then the Chinese alligator will hatch the male. If the temperature is lower the female.

Upon completion of 2 months, offspring is born and begins to call her mother so that she helps them get out of the shell and transferred to the water. Cubs are born 15 centimeters in length and with a weight of 140 grams. All the time, small Chinese alligators are guarded by a female. The mothers of this representative are considered the most caring. By two years of life, young alligators reaches 60 centimeters in length. Chinese alligators become sexually mature by 5 years.

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