Climate belts of Antarctica

The climatic conditions of Antarctica are harsh due to the polar location of the continent. Rarely when in the territory of the continent the air temperature rises above 0 degrees Celsius. Antarctica is completely covered with thick glaciers. The mainland is under the influence of cold air masses, namely the Western winds affect. In general, the climatic conditions of the continent are arid and sharp.

Antarctic climatic zone

Almost the entire territory of the continent is in the Antarctic climatic zone. The thickness of the ice cover exceeds 4500 thousand. meters, in connection with which Antarctica is considered the highest mainland. More than 90% of solar radiation is reflected from the ice surface, so the mainland practically does not warm up. There are practically no precipitation, and there are no more than 250 mm per year. Average daily temperature32 degrees, and night64. The temperature minimum was recorded89 degrees. Strong winds with high speeds intensifying on the coast move above the mainland.

Subantarctic climate

The climate of the subantarctic type is characteristic of the northern part of the mainland. The trends in the conditions of weather are noticeable here. Precipitation here falls twice as much, but does not exceed the annual rate of 500 mm. In summer, the air temperature rises a little higher than 0 degrees. In this area, there are slightly smaller ice and the relief passes into a rocky area covered with lichens and mosses. But the influence of the continental arctic climate is significant. Therefore, there are strong winds and frosts. Such weather conditions are absolutely not suitable for people’s lives.

Antarctic oases

On the coast of the Arctic Ocean, weather conditions distinguishing from continental conditions were formed. These areas are called antarctic oases. The average summer temperature is +4 degrees Celsius. The sections of the mainland are not covered with ice. In general, the number of such oases does not exceed 0.3% of the total continent area. Here you can find Antarctic lakes and lagons with a high level of salt. One of the first open Antarctic oases was dry valleys.

Antarctica has unique climatic conditions, as it is at the South Pole of the Earth. There are two climatic zones antarctic and subantarctic, which are distinguished by the most severe weather conditions in which there are practically no vegetation, but some species of animals and birds live.

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