Climate belts of Brazil | The location of the zones of Brazil

The climatic conditions of Brazil are less monotonous. The country lies in the equatorial, subtropical and tropical zones. The country is constantly hot and humid, there are practically no seasonal changes. The climatic conditions were influenced by the combination of mountains and plains, as well as other natural features of the area. The most arid areas of Brazil in the north and east, where precipitation falls up to 600 mm per year.

In Rio de Janeiro, the warmest month is February with a temperature of +26 degrees, and the coldest weather happens in July, when heat drops to +20 degrees. For us such weather is unusual not only because of the heat, but because of a high level of humidity.

Equatorial belt in Brazil

The area where the Amazon basin is located is in the equatorial climate. There is increased humidity and a large amount of precipitation. About 3000 mm falls here per year. The highest temperatures are here from September to December and reach +34 degrees Celsius. From January to May, the average temperature is +28 degrees, and at night drops to +24. The rainy season here lasts from January to May. In general, there are never frosts in this territory, as well as dry periods.

Subtropics zone in Brazil

Most of the country lies in subtropical climate. From May to September, the highest temperatures exceeding +30 degrees were recorded on the territory. And during this period there is almost no rain. The rest of the year, the temperature drops by only a couple of degrees. Precipitation falls significantly more. Sometimes it happens that rains go all of December. There are about 200 mm during the year of precipitation. In this zone there is always a high level of humidity, which provides circulation of air flows from the Atlantic.

Tropical climate in Brazil

The tropical zone is considered the coldest climate of Brazil, located on the Atlantic coast of the country. The smallest temperatures are registered in Porto Alegri and Kuritibu. This is +17 degrees Celsius. The temperature regime of winter varies from +24 to +29 degrees. A small amount of precipitation falls: rainy days can be about three in one month.

In general, the climate of Brazil is quite monotonous. This is a warm and humid summer period, as well as dry and barely cool winters. The country is in tropical, subtropical and equatorial belts. Here are weather conditions that are not suitable for all people, but only to connoisseurs of heat.

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