Clothing animals species and photos | A detachment of bloodsucking

All animals are different, and each in their own way is unique. What they eat depends on their evolutionary development, the features of the structure and functioning of the body, on the habitat and other factors. Some animals are omnivorous, others prefer food of plant origin, others feed on animal meat, not excluding in some cases and fell. The latter are called carnivores, and among them there are those who eat exclusively blood. Such animals are called hematophages. They are found among mammals, insects, spidershaped, mollusks, birds, fish and other animal classes.

Komar female



Bed bug

Kissing bug




Acingum earthen at a bit

A hell of a vampire


Vampire mol

Bat a vampire mouse



Cloudyblooding in the type of coexistence with other representatives of the animal world are parasites. With such relationships, only one side receives benefits, in this case the one that feeds on blood. The second only carries the damage, losing blood and risking infected with dangerous diseases. It is known that hematophages can be carriers of all kinds of infections. These are mainly insects (mosquitoes, fleas) and spidershaped (ticks). Among mammals of parasites, only vampire bats can be called, from whose saliva enzymes a drug was created for the treatment of strokes. This proves the certain benefits of hematophages.

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