Combus triton description, habitat, reproduction, photo

The animal world is unique and diverse. Each creature proves the unusual and exclusivity of our planet. A bright representative of the amphibians is considered to be a creped triton. Other names of the animal are considered to be a bearded triton or water lizard. E amphibians belong to the family of real salamander and are divided into a hundred species. Tailed amphibians live in Austria, Denmark, Belarus, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Sweden and other states. The most favorable place for living is considered regions located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level.

Description and character

Combenced newtons have coarse, rough skin, which becomes smooth closer to the animal’s belly. A water lizard can grow up to 20 cm in length. Males are always larger than females and have a feature a chic crest, which begins in the eyes and continues to the tail. The gear part of the body looks spectacular and emits male individuals. In general, lizards have a dark brown body color diluted with black spots. Also, crested newtons have a characteristic wide strip of silver or blue, which runs along the tail of the animal.

Tritons have fingers that have an orange color. A feature of amphibians is a mere meren in water, which in no way affects the integrity of the skin. In the process of “modification”, Triton, as it were, “turns out” inside out. The unique abilities of the water lizard include the opportunity to regenerate almost any part of your body (even eyes). Tritons have a massive and stocky body, a wide head.

Combenced newtons have poor vision, which negatively affects the food of the animal (it can starve to catch food for a long time). About eight months a year, water lizards are on land. They are most active in the dark and cannot stand the heat, the sun.


Tritons belong to those types of animals that go hibernation in winter. They can explode in moss, master in burrows of other animals or hide in gravel, violent vegetation. Hibernation can pass alone or small group.

Combus triton is a predator, therefore it uses beetles, larvae, slugs, crustaceans, caviar and tadpoles. The water lizard will also not refuse to enjoy rainworms, cockroaches and tubelers.

The combed triton lunch

Propagation of amphibians

Runny Triton begin to wake up closer to the March month. In preparation for the marriage season, they change their color to brighter shades. Males raise their comb as high as possible, signaling the female about readiness for fertilization. During courtship, male representatives make characteristic sounds and mark the chosen territory, clinging to various sections. The female herself sails to the call and joins the male dance.

When the connection is established, the male lays lumps with his own mucus in the water, in which there are male germ cells. The female, in turn, takes them into her cloaca and the process of fertilization begins in the body. Female individuals are able to postpone up to 200 eggs, which she attaches to the back of the leaves. The whole process lasts from 2 to 8 weeks. In a few days, the first larvae appear that starve until then the mouth is developed. Then, future cubs have gills, paws, hind limbs. Larvae are also born predators, because at first they eat invertebrates.

Life expectancy

In the wild, newtons are able to live up to 17 years. In captivity, their life is significantly lengthened and amounts to 25-27 years.

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