Coniferous plants mushrooms, shrubs and the entire plant world

The coniferous forest is a special natural zone, the basis of which are evergreen coniferous trees. In the lower tiers, shrubs grow, below grassy plants, and at the very bottom litter.

Coniferous trees

Spruce is one of the forestforming rocks of coniferous forest. In height, it grows to 45 meters. The flowering period occurs in May, lasts in June inclusive. If the spruce is not cut down ahead of time, then it can grow for about 500 years. This tree is poorly tolerated by a strong wind. The stability of spruce is acquired only when their root systems will grow together with each other.

Firing often grows in coniferous forests. They grow up to 35 meters high. A pointed crown is near a tree. The fir blooms, like the spruce, from May to June, and can grow up to 200 years. Coniferous needles on the branches last long about ten years. For firs, approximately the same weather and climatic conditions are necessary as for spruce, so very often these two breeds grow together in one forest.

Larch is often found in coniferous forests, and reaches a height up to 40 meters. Crohn lets the sun’s rays. The peculiarity of this breed is that for the winter the tree drops the needles, like deciduous trees. Luggage is distinguished by frost resistance, transfers the frosty climate of the north and hot in the steppe, where it is planted as a protection of fields. If this breed grows in the mountains, then the larch spreads to the most extreme points of mountain peaks. The age of the tree can be 500 years, it grows very quickly.

Pine height is 35-40 meters. With age, the crown changes in these trees: from cone to the rounded. The needles lasts from 2 to 7 years, periodically updates. Pine loves the sun, resistant to a strong wind. If it is not cut down, then it can live up to 400 years.

Coniferous plants mushrooms, shrubs and the entire plant world

Cedar grows up to 35 meters. It is resistant to frost and drought, not demanding on soils. The tree blooms in June. Cedar has valuable wood, but if the tree is not cut down, it grows for about 500 years.

Coniferous plants mushrooms, shrubs and the entire plant world

Shrubs and grassy plants

On the lower tiers you can find juniper in the coniferous forest. He has particularly valuable berries that have long been used in medicine. They contain essential oils, acids, resin and other beneficial substances. The life expectancy of a shrub is approximately 500 years.

Herbs adapted to living conditions among coniferous trees to cold winters and not particularly warm summer. In the forest among fir trees and pines you can find nettles and celandine, an elderberry and fern. A shepherd’s bag and snowdrops grow here of flowers. In addition, everywhere in the coniferous forest you can find mosses and lichens.

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