Conrad umbrella photo and description of the mushroom where it grows and how it looks like

Konrada umbrella (lat. Macrolepiota Konaradii) edible mushroom from the Shampignon family. Quite underestimated, due to external similarities with fly agaric and films.

How it looks

In his youth, he has an eggshaped form, reveals with growing up and ultimately takes the form of an open umbrella.

The hat is dry, does not stand out with an abundance of mucus, somewhat rough. In its size, on average, it reaches 6-12 cm in diameter, in the center it has a noticeable tubercle. The peel of a brown shade can crack over time, forming a pattern similar to a star. All the pulp is near the center, at the ends is almost completely absent. The color of the pulp does not change during the fault and remains white.

The leg is tall, but thin, 10-15 cm in height and up to two centimeters in diameter. At the base takes a pinshaped form, and below is slightly expanding. In his youth is whole, and in adulthood hollow. The skin is smooth, does not differ in color from the hat.

The plates of this species are often located, easily separated and have white color. Form a characteristic ring on the leg.

The taste of the pulp is sweet, has a clearly expressed mushroom smell. After the cut, the juice does not stand out.

Where it grows

Conrad umbrella is not the most common mushroom, Western Europe is considered the main area. On the territory of Eurasia is usually found in the North Caucasus and on the border with Ukraine. Usually sprouts in coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests, sometimes it can occur in forest parking zones. Sprouts in groups, but mainly occurs singlely.

It spreads abundantly in early autumn, the peak of fruiting falls at the end of August and early September. In the presence of good weather conditions, this copy has been found from the beginning of summer in midautumn.

Edible or inedible

Conrad umbrella is considered a delicious edible mushroom, but in terms of taste characteristics it is inferior to its more common fellow, an umbrella for a motley. The legs are too hard and are basically not eaten, only hats eat. They can be fried, canned, cooked or served raw, washing in advance under a stream of warm water. To their liking with frying resemble chicken. Drying, mushrooms can be used as a fairly tasty seasoning.

The Konrad umbrella has not only edible similar species, so before the search you should definitely familiarize yourself with poisonous doubles:

The fly agaric is white

One of the most common poisonous mushrooms is undoubtedly considered fly agaric. It is very similar in its color and shape with an adult instance of an umbrella. The differences can only be called a mobile skirt on the leg, which with a slight effort can be moved down, and in Konrad it is completely static.

The fly agaric is white

The extinguishing is pale

At a young age, this mushroom can be very similar to an umbrella because of its hat, which also has an egg-shaped shape. The only visible difference is only the absence of a skirt on the leg and a smaller size. Experienced mushroom pickers do not advise collecting young umbrellas, so it will be easier to avoid poisoning. In addition, in this stage, the hat has practically no pulp, which is why it is tough and inedible, like a leg.

Death cap

This mushroom also has edible doubles

The umbrella is motley

It has larger sizes, beige hatching, another pattern and brown scales. The leg also has a ring and in a ripened state of hollow. The fruiting season is the same, but this mushroom is more common on more sandy soil.

The umbrella is motley

The umbrella is white

It has no visible differences from Conrad, except for the absence of a pinshaped expansion at the end of the leg. The collection season and the period of the largest number of fruits is the same. When touching, the leg itself changes its shade to orange, unlike its brother.

The umbrella is white

How to cook

Conrad umbrella is very universal and can be eaten even without processing. It can be boiled, salt, canned, frying and pickled. It is very convenient that the fact that preliminarily before frying it does not need to be boiled. The best recipes can be called:

  1. Umbrellas in batter. We take the hats, rinse from the dirt and give a little time to dry. At this time, beat two or three eggs in one vessel, and in another mix flour with breadcrumbs of crackers. We heat the pan, pour sunflower oil on it or melt the cream. We cut the mushrooms in small pieces or take the whole, dip in the egg, and then in panic. Fry over medium heat until brown brown.
  2. Cut the hats of the fungus with cubes or stripes, mix with cheese, cucumbers, preferably pickled, add a boiled egg and season with mayonnaise, as well as spices to your taste.
  3. Soup. The ingredients will need 300-400 grams of mushrooms, several pieces of small potatoes, two pieces of carrots, onions, garlic and other spices to taste. Wash the umbrellas of the umbrellas under cold water, cut into small pieces. Boil in a pan of 2-3 liters of water. At this time, clean potatoes. When the water boils, add the ingredients there and mix well for ten minutes. At this time, you can fry the onion and by the end of cooking add it to the pan to the soup, and then pepper, salt and cook for a few more minutes.
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