Crimean endemics plants and animals | List with photo and description

Many sources refer to the fact that over 10% of endemic species of flora live on the territory of Crimea. Many of them are limited to a specific habitat. So the Crimean wolf lives only near the river Burulcha. The diversity of Crimean endemics speaks of the unique nature of this region. Neoendems, namely, recently appeared species, attract the most attention. In total, from the entire flora, over 240 species of all plants are endemic, in particular, the Crimean hawthorn and the Crimean crocus. Also endemic are about 19 species of mollusks and 30 species of insects.


Crimean stone marten

Crimean mountain fox

Crimean forest mouse

Shrew small Crimean


Crimean gecko

Crimean rock lizard


Lesolubka Retovsky

Black Sea velvet

Crimean scorpion

Crimean ground beetle

Embia Crimean


Crimean jay

Kostogryz (gross grosbeak) Crimean

Pika Crimean black

Long-tailed tit


Ox eye (Crimean wren)



Peony Crimean

Hogweed fluffy

Crimean edelweiss

Crimean wolf


Crimea is a truly unique place, which many scientists even called a kind of “Noah’s Ark”, due to the large number of unique flora and fauna. The species composition of plants is striking in its qualitative composition. Over 50% of the vegetation is of Mediterranean origin. Mammals in the Crimea are not distinguished by a wide variety of species. Most mammals are widespread species. The smallest predator of the Crimea is a weasel, and the fox is considered the largest. The last wolf of Crimea was killed in 1922.

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