Crimean thyme useful properties and contraindications, photo

The Crimean thyme is a semicustody plants that germinate on the territory of the Crimean peninsula. They are used in medicine, cosmetology, cooking (this is Timyan’s seasoning). Perennial plants grow up to 15 centimeters high. He has oblong leaves and pink-violet inflorescences, as well as small black fruits. The halfbloom blooms in June and in July. Fruits ripen in August. Value is the ground part, which must be cut with a knife.

Beneficial features

The thyme has become widespread all over the world, precisely because it has useful properties:

Crimean thyme useful properties and contraindications, photo
  • painkillers. Grass is used to relieve pain for radiculitis, gastritis, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and normalization of microflora.
  • Antiseptic. The decoction of thyme is used in various therapeutic and cosmetic drugs for the treatment of acne, rashes and other skin diseases.
  • sedatives. With nervouses, stress and insomnia, it is recommended to drink tea from the Crimean thyme.
  • Antihypertonic. Medicinal plant relieves cramps. It helps to reduce pressure with its regular use. It’s good in this case to make tea from the grass. The infusion is also suitable for washing hair if the patient has severe headaches and migraines.
  • Wound healing. Herbal decoctions are used for healing wounds and ulcers, lotions are made to treat boils and acne are made.
  • contranding. Tyc sorrers decoctions are used to treat various viral diseases, cough, bronchitis, rinse the oral cavity.
  • Recovery. Thanks to this, essential oil is produced from thyme, which is especially used to restore hair, nails.
  • Not only teas and tinctures are prepared from the Crimean thyme. It is used as spices, added to salads, to meat, sauces, to vegetable dishes and vegetables. Sometimes this grass is put in some types of pizza, bread and sandwiches. As a result, thyme improves digestion and helps to increase appetite.

    Crimean thyme useful properties and contraindications, photo


    Carbre treatment is not suitable for all people. It is not recommended to use it to patients with cardiosclerosis and atherosclerosis. Harmful grass will be those who have discovered atrial fibrillation. Since the plant contains Timol, it is forbidden to use it to everyone who has problems with the liver and kidneys. When a person has thyroid disorders, thyme treatment is not suitable. Harm the plant and those with increased acidity.

    Separately, it is worth mentioning that pregnant women are not recommended to drink tea with thyme and get carried away with seasonings with thyme. The fact is that the expectant mother should carefully choose the products used, as this affects not only her wellbeing, but also the health of her future baby. In some cases, the attending physician allows you to use thyme as a diuretic. It can also be used to treat colds and cough. Its action is more gentle than medicines.

    When is the best to collect thyme

    Thyme grows on a plateau in Crimea in a highmountain climate. As experts say, it is best to collect grass in early summer. After that, it must be dried in places without access to sunlight. Plants are collected in bundles and suspended on a thread. Over time, rich in essential oils, microelements, fragrant grass can be brewed and added to various dishes. Thus, the plant of the estate is a wide range of application, is a universal and indispensable tool for a number of problems. In this regard, thyme and drugs with him are now found in almost every house.

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