Crossroads microbiota photo and description

Microbiota crosspart, also has the second name small biota. Acts as a unique relic belonging to the family of cypress.

Places of greatest distribution are considered:

  • Far East;
  • Siberia;
  • China.
  • Can germinate in areas with a harsh climate, namely on overly blown areas. The best soil are slopes with loose soil, edges covered with light shadow, rocky areas and dense thickets.

    The advantage is that such a miniature shrub can withstand human weight this is possible due to long, elastic and strong branches. Propagation occurs using cuttings and seeds.

    Crossroads microbiota photo and description

    Description of the variety

    Cross microbiota-flattened bushes, the height of which is only half a meter, and the diameter can reach 2-5 meters. Horizontally open and slightly raised shoots determine the specific appearance of such a plant, and also clearly distinguish numerous tiers.

    Needles have a strong pleasant smell, especially this can be seen when rubbing it. In young shoots, she is needleshaped, but on older individuals she takes the form of scales. In the summer, the color of the needles is dark green, and in winter-copper-brown.

    The bark is somewhat slightly different depending on the age of the shrub. For example, in young plants it is greenish, and in the elders it is reddish-Koricnev and smooth.

    Like other coniferous trees and shrubs, the crossfingered microbiota forms cones they are small and look like a ball. Often they are either a few layers of scales and contain a smooth oval seed. Cones appear when a small biota reaches 10-15 years.

    Such a plant does not tolerate the process of transplantation, which is caused by strongly prolonged and deep roots that are not able to form a dense lump.

    Little biota is extremely shadetodeleted, but needs constant watering. However, stagnation of water adversely affects it. In culture, it is best to use acidic soil.

    Crossroads microbiota is most often used in landscape design. It will fit into any plant composition, but it will also look perfectly on the lawn. In addition, the plant has numerous healing properties, in particular, needles are known for its antibacterial effect.

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