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The word “carry” in many people is firmly associated with a seasoning consisting of more than 10 components. At the same time, few people know that the same word is called a multicolored eucalyptus. It is extremely difficult to see it alive, as this unusual tree grows exclusively in Australia.

What is a carry tree?

Eucalyptus multicolored (or curry) is a large tree with a massive and very thick barrel. From afar, it can cause an association with pine, since in adult plants branches are present only in the upper part of the barrel. Curry very straight, deciduous. Its leaves have a maximum length of 12 centimeters and a width of 3 centimeters.

A mature tree is very easy to distinguish from “teenager”. A multicolored eucalyptus, which has reached a certain age, remains without a bark it darkens and, after some time, falls off. As a result of the discharge, the barrel remains naked. It has white color with gray and brown patterns.

Where Curry grows?

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is not easy to find this tree. Eucalyptus multicolored is the endemic of Western Australia. It grows only here and only on the southwestern coast. The outstanding size and unusual type of tree caused a stable influx of tourists to this region. Therefore, Curry has the value of local attractions for Australia.

Than this tree is unusual?

In addition to resetting the bark, this rare eucalyptus has other interesting features. For example, beautiful flowering. Curry flowers have a cream color and are collected in inflorescences of 7 pieces. The flowering period falls in the spring and continues until summer. After resetting inflorescences, fruits begin to appear slowly. They are barrelshaped, filled with a large number of small seeds.

A typical feature of the soil at the place of growth of this tree is its poverty. There are practically no minerals here. Therefore, individual specimens can begin to bloom after a forest fire. Having survived, Curry begins to “extract” nutrients from burnt and began to rot the forest “litter”, vegetable residues.

Despite the limited distribution range, the multicolored eucalyptus is used in furniture production and construction. Its wood is characterized by very high strength and durability, and the size of the trunk allow you to get a lot of excellent material from one tree.

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