Dangerous substances in the house

After a working day, everyone tends to come home as soon as possible to relax and relax. But is the place where we live is safe? It was replaced by natural materials, there was plastic, metal and many artificial things that are not as safe for health as, for example, wood, wool, clay. It is worthwhile to think about this, especially if you have children who should grow in a safe environment.

There are many chemical poisonous substances in a modern house toxins, reagents. Even their minimum dose adversely affects human and animal health. In this regard, the problem arises of how to recognize hazardous substances and remove them from the house.

List of toxic substances in the house

For a dwelling, in which there are many toxins and other harmful substances, environmentalists use the term “sbd syndrome” (SBD), which manifests itself periodically or regularly. Many people do not even suspect that sore throats and sneezing do not come from a cold, but from the fact that there are toxic substances in the room. Sometimes they are hidden very deep in the middle of walls, floors, ceilings. Now let’s talk in more detail about the most dangerous substances in the house:

  • paints containing lead. This type of decoration was actively used in the 20th century, so the old peeling walls are full of lead impurities, which negatively affects the functioning of the kidneys and brain, leading to mental retardation;
  • radon (a colorless gas). It is the cause of many cancers;
  • asbestos. Used as sound and heat insulating material in buildings erected in the 20th century. Studies have shown that it causes lung cancer. Asbestos containing materials should be avoided;
  • fungus and mold. These microorganisms arise if the room is poorly ventilated, and excessive moisture accumulates in it. Mold and fungal cultures cause ailments of the respiratory tract, lungs, lower human immunity;
  • detergents. They contain a lot of chemicals and substances. That is why, the treated surface with this agent must be thoroughly rinsed with water so that chemicals do not enter the body. Disinfectants are especially dangerous because they contain toxic substances;
  • furniture. Some pieces of furniture are treated with chemicals varnishes, coatings, impregnations, which is also harmful to the body.
  • Outcome

    Even though you live in your own home or rent an apartment, check all areas for hazardous substances. By making your life safe, your children will grow up healthy, and you will be younger and live much longer than other people.

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