Decorative species of plants

Decorative trees and shrubs perfectly decorate the garden. They are unpretentious in care, with decorative leaves, can grow for a dozen years in one place.

Trees seedlings take root perfectly in a new place, do not bring to gardeners unnecessary inconvenience. Among plants with decorative leaves you can find many perennials, shrubs and climbing plants.

Popular species

The most popular species:

  • Funkia is one of the most famous and reliable perennial plants with decorative leaves. There are many varieties of funky, differing in shape and color of the leaves. Its leaves can be lanceolate and heart-shaped, bright green, steel-gray, yellow or with white spots. Violet or white bells add charm to the plant. Funi an unpretentious plant grows well in any way. Frostresistant. Prefers shady and partial places. Its leaves sometimes become victims of snails, so they should be protected properly.
  • Heichera its leaves differ not only in saturated coloring (green, purple, orange, yellow, burgundy), but also an unusual wavy shape. Heyera can be used as a decorative soil plant from leaves or to enrich rocks. He feels good both in a partial and in a sunny place. Sensitive to drought. It must be updated every few years to maintain it in good shape.
  • Medunitsa-dark green decorative leaves with white spots and two-color (red and purple) flowers. Requires fertile, humus soils. It grows best in wet and shady places. Frostresistant. How honey plants greatly attracts insects to the garden. It is especially worth using it in naturalistic gardens.
  • Bergia-has large (about 20 cm) round dark green leathery leaves and dense inflorescences with pink, red or white flowers. Bergia is very tolerance to environmental conditions. In nature is found in wet and rocky places. In the garden, it can be successfully planted on a rockery.
  • Barvinok a soil plant known in our area with decorative leaves. It has small (5 cm) dark green shiny leaves and blue or purple flowers. Tolerates even strong shading well. Suitable for carpets and borders. You can even plant it under the trees.
  • Yukka Carolingian its characteristic feature long narrow pointed green leaves, granular at the edges. In the summer, an inflorescence with numerous white or cream bell flowers grows from the center of the outlet. She loves sunny places protected from the wind, with light sand alkaline soil. It can be grown as a solitaire. Also suitable for growing in containers. Used for gardens in an exotic style.
  • All plants are great for landscape design.

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