Devil fish | Photo and description of the sea devil

The world is full of extraordinary things and is inhabited by the most unusual inhabitants of the planet. One of the unique, inexplicable fish on the planet is the devil’s fish. It would seem that with the exhibits of a marine animal you can make horror films. But this is a unique vertebrate that has nothing similar to its “relatives” and has a number of features.

Distinctive features of the predator

The devil’s fish seems disgusting to many because of his ugly appearance. The animal has a large head, a flattened body, barely noticeable gill slits and a wide mouth. A feature of the Devil fish is the presence of outgrowth-background on the head of females, which attracts the prey in the darkness of sea waters.

The vertebrates are the owners of sharp and bent tooth teeth, flexible and moving jaws, small, round, closely salted eyes. The dorsal fin is twopart, one part is soft and is located at the tail, the other has peculiar spikes that go on the head of the fish. In the fins located on the chest, there are skeletal bones that allow you to crawl along the bottom and even jump. With the help of fins, vertebrates can be buried in the ground.

Females can reach a length of 2 meters, while males grow up to 4 cm.

Varieties of fish

As a rule, the devil’s fish is in the depths. Some representatives of the vertebrates can be immersed by 18 m, while others are 3.5 km. You can find the devil fish in the waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, as well as in the Black, Baltic, Barents and North Sea. The marine animal was noticed in the waters of Japan, Korea and the regions of Eurasia.

Despite the terrible appearance, the devil’s fish is sufficiently too much and has an excellent taste. Location at the depths allows you to swim in the cleanest waters and choose the best booty for yourself. Vertebral meat, including the liver, is considered a real delicacy.

Depending on the habitat, there is a classification of the devil fish:

  • European marine features grows up to 2 meters, weight can be 30 kg. Outwardly has a brown color with red and green elements. The fish has a white belly and is covered with dark spots on the entire back.
  • Budegass almost identical with the first view, the difference is in the black abdomen.
  • American Marine Devil-has a dirty white abdomen, back and sides brownish.
  • Also, among the species of a predator, the Far Eastern marine line, the South African and Cape Devil, the Western Atlantic Sea Animal Farm.

    The main food of the devil’s fish

    Fish belongs to predators and rarely when he leaves depth. She can swim to the surface only behind a special delicacy herring or mackerel. Sometimes vertebrates can even capture even a bird located on the water.

    Basically, the diet of the devil’s fish consists of slopes, squids, flounders, cod, acne and crustaceans, as well as small sharks, sandstones and other cephalopods. In anticipation of prey, the predator burrows to the bottom, and the attraction of food occurs at the expense of the lantern. As soon as the fish touches it, the devil opens his mouth and covers everything around.

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