Dilophosaurus (Dilophosaurus): description, characteristics, photos,

Dilophosaurus (“two-crested lizard”) was one of the first primitive theropods. Opened in 1954 (USA, Arizona), but was described more than ten years later. Dilophosaurus has a very interesting head shape it flaunts a double bone crest. Dilophosaurus was a small, but ferocious and ugly-looking predator that lived in parts of the continent that is now called North America.


In 1942, when the remains of a previously unknown species of dinosaurs were found in the northern part of Arizona (United States of America), the entire scientific world was excited. The remains were found by a group of paleontologists from the University of California, and the guide of this group was a Navajo Indian named Jess Williams.

When scientists began excavations at the place indicated by the guide, after some time they dug up three skeletons. One skeleton, reaching almost 6 m in length, was almost whole, but he had no skull, so no one could say what the head of a dinosaur looked like. The other two skeletons were a mass of disparate parts, and many bones crumbled to dust over millions of years. Scientists could not say what kind of dinosaurs the remains found could belong to.

American paleontologist Samuel P.Wells worked hard to put the bones together, but he made one huge mistake: he decided that these remains belonged to a megalosaurus. Perhaps he came to this conclusion because the dinosaur skull was missing, and some bones of Dilophosaurus and Megalosaurus are really similar (except for the skull).

Then, many years later, Wells found another similar skeleton, but this time in much better condition and with a complete skull topped with a double crest, which is the main distinguishing feature of Dilophosaurus.

And then Wells realized that these remains did not belong to a megalosaurus, but to a completely different kind of fossil lizards. Later, in 1970, Wells gave this species the name by which it is known to us today Dilophosaurus, “double-crested lizard”. The name itself was given to Dilophosaurus due to the double bone crest crowning its head.

Apparently, dilophosaurus could live in groups or packs the leader of such a small group was probably the male with the largest crest.

In “Jurassic Park”

In the movie Jurassic Park, there is a scary scene in which a dilophosaurus suddenly shoots a blast of disgusting-looking poison at a computer expert who has been working in the park and has stolen some lab-made fetuses. Could Dilophosaurus Really Spit Poison?? No one can give an exact answer, however, some types of snakes living in our time resort to this method of protection.

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