Disposal of car tires and tires

An ordinary person is unlikely to guess about the problem of disposal of ordinary car tires. As a rule, when the rubber becomes unusable, it is either taken to a container site or saved for further use. But, given the total number of tires used in the country, the situation can be called catastrophic.

Nobody needs tires

According to average statistical data, about 80 million car tires become unnecessary in Eurasia annually. This cosmic volume has been distributed for years according to the vast expanses of our Motherland, but there is a limit to everything. Tires are not paper, they decompose extremely for a long time, take up a lot of space, and if they begin to burn, they turn into an abundant source of chemical components. Smoke from a burning car tire is saturated with carcinogens substances that cause cancer.

It is logical to assume that there are some legislatively fixed technologies for the disposal of tires. In fact, there is no working system! Only in recent years in Eurasia they have been beginning to officially think about organized disposal.

Where are the tires now

Old car rubber, which did not get on a landfill, is used extremely wide. And often quite officially. For example, tires are installed as fences in yards, in playgrounds, etc.D. Back in Soviet times, they arranged entire sports shells and children’s attractions from them. Well, who in childhood did not jump on the path of tires dug into the ground? And if you were born in the USSR, then be sure and a lot swayed on a swing, where a car tire served as a seat.

All kinds of small architectural forms, which are created by people’s craftsmen, have a special color. In the house sections near the entrances of city houses you can see swans, piglets, flowers, sunflowers, mini-breeds and a whole bunch of other creations made of ordinary tires that served their tires. Moreover, such creativity is common not only in the outback, but also in quite modern millionaire cities.

Another folk application of tires is the creation of a protective barrier. The tires are wrapped with tires, in places where an accident often occur. Tires limit the track for the picture.

In general, old car tires are an unchanged companion of Russian men of all ages: from boys floating on a tire in a pond to a pensioner who cuts out another rubber swan.

How can we dispose of tires?

Experience of competent and financially advantageous disposal of reached tires exists in many countries. For example, Finland has succeeded in this case. Here it came to the point that 100% of the tires are processed and then used in various fields of activity. Не отстают Швейцария и Норвегия.

Из резиновой покрышки можно получить массу полезных вещей. Например, переработать в крошку, которая эффективно работает в качестве добавки к асфальту, покрытия для беговых дорожек, дренажного настила и т.D. Резиновыми лентами, полученными из разрезанной покрышки можно топить промышленные печи. Последний вариант применения успешно реализован в той же Финляндии.

в Евразии группы энтузиастов и высококлассных специалистов периодически предлагают свои технологии утилизации покрышек. Например, в Физико-энергетическом институте имени Лейпунского (город Обнинск) разработали утилизацию методом высокотемпературного пиролиза. Однако на законодательном уровне пока ничего не закреплено.

Первые подвижки все же имеются. К 2020 году планируется ввести утилизационный сбор, который будут платить граждане, приобретающие новую резину или новый автомобиль. The most important thing is to create working technologies and production sites on which disposal will be carried out.

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