Dog breed Argentine DOG: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Argentina
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    60–65 cm
  • The weight:
    40–45 kg
  • Age:
    10-11 years
  • MKF breed group:
    Pinchers and Schnauzers, Molosses, Mountain Dogs and Swiss Cattle Dogs
  • Brief information

  • Brave and energetic;
  • Balanced and courageous;
  • Beautiful hunter and defender.
  • Character

    Argentine Dog a young breed of dogs bred at the beginning of the 20th century. His closest relatives are fighting dogs, from which he inherited a strong muscular body, power and courage. Indeed, the view of the Argentinean dog at first can frighten, but it is worth getting to know him better, and it becomes clear: this is a kind and faithful friend of its master.

    Dog breed Argentine DOG: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content petstory

    Argentine dog cheerful, active and peaceful. He will be happy to play and run with the owner, so it is best suited for energetic people. This is a smart dog that understands the owner at a glance. However, despite this, raising an “Argentine” is not so easy. It’s all about pursuit of leadership. The Argentinean dog will always try to take dominant positions, and the task of the owner is to show him who is the main one in the house. But this must be done softly, without screaming and without the use of physical strength. If the owner does not have enough experience, experts recommend contacting professional trainers and not experiment on their own. Without proper upbringing, a dog of this breed may occur attacks of aggression and anger.

    Socialized and welleducated Argentine Dog the soul of the family. This dog loves children and does not touch them, even if they hurt him. It is better to introduce this dog with neighboring dogs and other animals of this pet: alone with them, this dog may be a real bully.

    In Argentina, representatives of this breed most often live on the street and do work on the protection of the house. These dogs are great watchmen: they will not raise a panic for no reason. In other countries, the Argentinean dog more often acts as a companion with whom it is not scary to walk in the evening along a dark street.


    Argentinean dog is extremely easy to care. It has a short wool, which should be combed out with a massage brush during molting. The rest of the time, it is enough to wipe the animal with a wet towel.

    It is often not recommended to bathe it, it is enough to do this as necessary, but not more than 3-4 times a year.

    Conditions of detention

    Argentinean dog feels great both in a city apartment and in a country house. By nature, this dog has an athletic physique, so it does not need special physical exertion. Nevertheless, so that the dog does not get bored, it must be ruined twice a day, and the total duration of walks should be at least 2-3 hours.

    Thanks to thick wool, the Argentine calmly tolerates low temperatures. But in the summer, in hot weather, the owner must make sure that the dog always has access to water, and also had the opportunity to hide in the shade.

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