Dog breed German boxer: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Germany
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    50-60 cm
  • The weight:
    28–40 kg
  • Age:
    About 8 years
  • MKF breed group:
    Pinchers and Schnauzers, Molosses, Swiss Cattle Dogs
  • Brief information

  • Balanced and patient dogs;
  • Not prone to the manifestation of aggression, but at the same time they are wary of strangers;
  • Love to play and for this reason may seem noisy.
  • Character

    Boxers are surprisingly balanced dogs with a strong nervous system. It is very difficult to get caught up or confuse them. For this reason, boxers are often used as guide dogs for the blind and in the work of the police.

    From the outside it may seem that the dog does not understand what they say to her, and generally has a inhibited reaction. But this is a big misconception. Boxers can not respond to external stimuli for a long time, but this does not mean that they do not notice them. Just these dogs have a big stock of patience. But woe to the one who decides to experience him for strength boxers are very fast and dexterous. In this case, their reaction can be compared with a spring, which was compressed for a long time and finally released. There is no doubt the answer will be powerful and swift.

    Boxers perfect guards. They are conscientious about their duties and fulfill them calmly, consistently and meticulously.

    They are excellently amenable to training, but due to their character they can not react to the commands of the owner for a long time. Therefore, when training these dogs, you should be patient and in no case should be applied gross physical strength in relation to them. At one point, the dog will sharply begin to do everything that he has long and, it would seem, was hopelessly taught.

    These dogs are very attached to the house and the family. They get along very well with children and allow the little owners to create everything that they pleased them, up to travels. Therefore, owners often have to worry not about how the dog gets along with children, but about how to protect the dog from excessive attention.

    Boxers get along easily with other animals, especially if they grew together. However, at the same time, they allow themselves to aggressively respond to strangers and drive extraneous cats who are on their territory.

    I must say that boxers are very sociable and active animals. They love to play and are very happy when other family members or animals participate in their pranks. Moreover, the dogs of this breed do not lose their cheerful mood until old age and continue to willingly play and have fun as well as.


    Boxers real pedants. These dogs are very clean and try to avoid dirt. They have a short thin wool that does not need special attention or care. It is enough to comb the dog once a week with a hard glove or a special rubber brush. True, there is a lot of wool in the period if it is not removed in time, it begins to pour and settle on clothes, carpets and furniture.

    Perhaps the only point that you should pay special attention to the care of the boxer is the timely haircut of claws. In dogs of this breed, they do not grind by themselves, and therefore they need to be monitored and trimmed in time.

    Conditions of detention

    Dogs of this breed are very active and noisy. They need daily walks, and the owner needs to be prepared for the fact that boxers like to walk for a long time. In addition, it should be borne in mind that these are companions. They love to run and will be happy to share the activity of their master. So they can be safely taken for a run or bike rug.

    Boxers have very fragile health. They are not adapted to life on the street, easily hypothermia and get sick. Therefore, the owner should pay special attention to this moment. These dogs feel great in country houses (provided that they live indoors), and in city apartments.

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