Dog breed Karelo Finnish Laika Descriptions, Photos, Character, Rules of Care and Contents


  • Country of origin: Russia, Finland
  • The size:
  • Age:
    up to 15 years
  • Growth:
    Male: 40-50 cm
    Bitches: 38–46 cm
  • The weight:
    Kobel: 11-15 kg
    Bitches: 9–13 kg
  • MKF breed group:
    Spitz and breed of primitive type
  • Brief information

  • Funny, cheerful, sociable animals;
  • Unpretentious;
  • The breed is officially registered in the ICF called “Finnish Spitz”.
  • Character

    The origin of the Karelian-Finnish husky is quite ambiguous, it is the Metis of the Finnish Spitz and Karelian Like. Interestingly, the Finnish Spitz has been known since the 19th century, the breed standard was first adopted in 1892. With Starocarel’s likes, the situation is more difficult. A few centuries ago, native hunting dogs met on the territory of the Olonets province modern Karelia. However, in the 20th century, their breeding began to occur already with the participation of Finnish dogs, which were officially recorded as Karelian huskies. Gradually, the breeds became the same, which caused numerous disputes. In 2006, the Russian Kinological Federation and the Finnish Kinological Club did not sign a document on the association and registration of Karelian-Finnish Like and the Finnish Spitz as one breed-“Finnish Spitz”.

    Karelo-Finnish Laika is an excellent hunter, it is appreciated in working with a wild boar, a bear, Borovaya game and ungulates. In fact, this is a universal hunting dog. But, if you do not plan to work with a pet, Like can become a good companion. Representatives of the breed are distinguished by a living mind and ingenuity. A cheerful dog will surely be a universal favorite.

    It is not difficult to train huskies, although a beginner is not recommended for a beginner. Likes can be wayward and capricious.

    The dog treats strangers coolly and even with cautiously, but does not show aggression. But it comes closer without problems and in some cases can even first make contact.

    Thanks to the playful disposition, the husky gets along well with schoolage children, but it will not endure a disrespectful attitude towards himself. So the child should know the rules of communication with the dog.

    Karelo-Finnish likes are quite easy to find a common language with relatives who live in the same house with them. But problems can arise with rodents, birds and cats, because the bark is in the first place a hunter. However, much depends on the animals themselves, their character and the ability to find a compromise.


    Fluffy thick likes does not require special care. Dogs are combed out every week with a furminator. During molting in spring and autumn the procedure is repeated a couple of times a week.

    It is important to monitor the health of the ears, eyes and teeth of the pet, conduct inspection and timely cleaning weekly.

    Conditions of detention

    Karelo-Finnish Laika is an energetic dog, and she needs the corresponding walks: long and active. Once a week it is advisable to go out of town with her, to nature, so that Like can enjoy plenty.

    In addition, you can diversify the life of a pet with the help of sports for example, adjility. Representatives of the breed show themselves perfectly in competitions.

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