Dog breed Russian toast-terrier: characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content

Dog breed Russian toastterrier: characteristics, photo, character, care rules and content


  • Country of origin: Russia
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    20–28 cm
  • The weight:
    2-3 kg
  • Age:
    12-15 years
  • MKF breed group:
    Decorative dogs and companions
  • Brief information

  • These small dogs quickly find a common language with all friendly people and are not aggressive towards other animals;
  • The Russian toy terrier and the Russian that are two names of one breed;
  • Dogs of this breed are not only of a variety of colors, but also smoothhaired and longhaired.
  • Character

    Dogs in the breed Russian Toy-terrier are very soft and patient in nature. They adore their owners, easily lend themselves to training and with pleasure perform commands.

    Russians love to play with children, so kids must be warned in advance about careful handling with a pet. It is better not to start a toy terrier, if the family has children under 6 years old-the small dimensions of this dog make it especially fragile and vulnerable.

    It is curious that the Russian Toy terrier received another name due to the fact that the experts revealed the dog in the dog, and then it began to be called simply-Russian. At the same time, the activity and playfulness of these dogs are more than enough.

    Dog breed Russian toastterrier: characteristics, photo, nature, rules of care and content petstory

    Oddly enough, but Russian can be a guard. Of course, he himself certainly does not be a thunderstorm of robbers, but in pairs with a larger dog, the Toy terrier perfectly performs the function of the sentry: in this he is helped by a sensitive hearing and a sonorous voice, which can be awakened by anyone.

    The Russian TOIs are always ready to accompany their owner, wherever he went, even if for the sake of this you have to sit in a bag of a bag or basket that is not the most convenient for the animal.

    Like all dogs, Russian toasters require constant care and care. With a puppy of this breed, it is necessary to begin to seriously engage in when it turns a month. Just remember one simple thing: with love for the dog, you also cannot overdo it (do not allow the dog to sleep with you on the bed, barking without a command on people, jumping to your knees, etc. D.). Otherwise, some of the toy terriers have the idea that they are the masters in the house and the main ones regarding the “animal-man”. And this often entails problems with behavior.


    Russian toaster must be combed. Moreover, the more often you do this, the better (with the exception of smoothhaired rocks: it is enough to periodically wipe them with a damp towel). Do not forget to cut the dog claws at least once every few months. Take a rule and bathe the pet once a month, despite the fact that the dogs of this breed do not distinguish unpleasant specific odors. Shut your ears with cotton wool when you do water procedures so that they do not get liquid. Remember that the ears are the weakest place for toy terriers. Inspect them constantly and regularly check for infections.

    Conditions of detention

    Russian toy terriers do not require the creation of any special conditions. They do not have to constantly walk if you live in a city apartment: these dogs from very early childhood are accustomed to the tray without problems. But you can’t refuse at all at all, the pet is necessary: ​​this is how the dog will feel much better, and her mental health will be in perfect order. But walks should not be too long, because small dogs get tired very quickly and cannot play even in the fresh air for hours long.

    In the event of life outside the city of that one will be happy to frolic on the grass and explore the territory.

    In the warm season, you can walk the dog in any weather. But in winter, in the cold, you should take care that the Russian toaster has a warm overalls, then the pet will not freeze.

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