Dog breed Stri Hound: characteristics, photos, nature, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Austria
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    45–53 cm
  • The weight:
    23–28 kg
  • Age:
    10-15 years
  • MKF breed group:
    Hounds, hounds on the blood trail and related breeds
  • Brief information

  • Very hardy;
  • Excellent working qualities;
  • Early and very good socialization is needed.
  • History of origin

    The strap of the Stri hound is known by several names. These dogs are also called a Stirian marriage, as well as a Stri rough highmountain hound. At the origins of the breed stood Karl Setinger, who at the end of the nineteenth century crossed Hanover’s Jews, Istrian, Tyrol and Slovenian hounds to get universal dogs capable of hunting in the Austrian mountains. Thanks to the thick, dense wool, which the Stri hounds inherited from their ancestors, these dogs can easily withstand both severe weather conditions and branches and thorny herbs whipping on the sides when persecuting game. These hounds are very stubborn, hardy and have an excellent scent. In Austria, in the homeland of the breed, they are used for hunting both for small game a hare, a fox, and on a boar. Despite the fact that the breed is common mainly in Austria, it is recognized as the International Poganological Federation.


    Styrian hounds proportionally folded muscular dogs with a fairly wide chest, straight back and medium length of the neck. The head of these mediumsized hounds, with a slightly convex forehead and a clear, clearly noticeable stop. Eyes are medium size, dark. Ears hanging, covered with dense, short wool. The wool on the body is quite rough, very dense, red-red or yellow-red. The rock standard also allows a small white spot on the chest.


    Typical representatives of the breed are calm and balanced dogs that are perfectly trained. Thanks to their excellent working qualities, excellent smell and endurance are considered one of the best hunting dogs. However, the back of a strong hunting instinct is that these dogs do not get along with other pets, for example with cats.


    No special care is required. The wool is combed with a hard brush 1-2 times a week, the ears and claws are treated as necessary.


    These dogs are absolutely unpretentious, they can live well on the street, provided that a warm booth or covered aviary, which will protect them from the sun in the summer and snow in winter. However, it should be borne in mind that it is unlikely that you can make a companion-companion from this breed. Styrian hounds were originally displayed precisely for hunting, it is their essence and life. Typical representatives of the breed need serious loads, as well as early socialization and hard hand. Training and training should be carried out sequentially and calmly.


    Outside of its homeland, Austria, the breed is practically not found. When buying a puppy, you must take into account the cost of its delivery. The price of dogs can depend on both their genealogy and on working qualities.

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