Dog breed Thai Ridzhbek: description of the breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Thailand
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    50-60 cm
  • The weight:
    23–24 kg
  • Age:
    11–13 years
  • MKF breed group:
    Spitz and breed of primitive type
  • Brief information

  • Independent and independent;
  • Very smart and attentive;
  • The name “Ridzhbek” comes from the English Ridge, which means “ridge” and is associated with the characteristics of the growth of wool on the back.
  • Character

    Thai Ridzhbek is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs whose age has several hundred years. The first written references to these animals dates back to the 17th century. Scientists cannot accurately answer the question of the origin of Thai Ridzhbek. According to the most popular theory, this breed came from Dingo’s wild dogs, and today it is still considered an aboriginal. The long isolation of Thailand from the outside world and bad transport conditions helped to preserve the original appearance of Thai Ridzhbek. Modern representatives of the breed look exactly the same as their ancestors.

    The breed of the dog Thai Ridzhbek: description of the breed, characteristics, photos, rules of care and content petstory

    Throughout the history of the existence, Thai Ridzhbek was one of the most important animals in the life of local residents. A fast, strong and clever dog was not only an excellent hunter, but also a guard and defender of the house. Despite the long history and popularity of this breed in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam, it was officially recognized not so long ago. In 1989, Thai Ridzhbek was registered in the Union of Dogkovoists Asia, and in 1993 in the International Kinological Federation.

    Thai Ridzhbek differs from other breeds with its independence this dog is able to independently make decisions. Breeders note the liveliness of the mind and the high intellectual abilities of these pets. In the training of this breed, it is worth being very attentive: the Ridzhbeki are ready to do until they are interested in it. As soon as interest fades, the dog can become uncontrollable. By the way, the pets of this breed need early socialization, without it animals can become aggressive, especially in relation to strangers. By virtue of character, they quickly become attached to the owner and are ready to protect him in any situation.

    Despite the seriousness characteristic of Ridzhbeks, these dogs get along quite easily with pets, even with cats and relatives of the same gender. True, the first time for their communication should still be followed.

    Thai Ridzhbeki are ready to spend all day with children, playing and running one after another. Active dogs will be happy in a house where there is a school age child.


    Thai Ridzhbek has a short wool that almost does not pour. During the shift in the wool, it is worth combing the pet twice a week using a massage brush.

    Breeders note the cleanliness of representatives of this breed. Rarely when these dogs, even during the game, are ready to smack in the mud. As a rule, they do not like to get dirty and always try to be neat.

    Conditions of detention

    Thai Ridzhbeki are very energetic, so they require daily twohour walks. At the same time, walks themselves should be active, with many different physical exercises.

    Representatives of the breed are in good health. However, in order to maintain a good physical shape of the pet, highquality full nutrition is necessary. Choose food in accordance with the recommendations of breeders and a veterinarian.

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