Dog mutinus photo and description of the mushroom from the Red Book, therapeutic properties, Mutinus Caninus

Mutinus dog (lat. Mutinus Caninus) is a representative. It is edible if there is a shell around it, although it has an unpleasant smell. The mushroom is rare, because it is listed in the Red Book. For the first time, the mushroom was found by scientists living in the UK, and then the mutinus is the dog and Ravenee considered some a look. Later they were distinguished by a number of signs.

This mushroom refers to saprophytes.

What does a dog mutinus look like

Когда гриб не созрел, а только развивается, его покрывает специальная оболочка, которая обеспечивает развитие спор и тела гриба. First its dimensions range from 3 to 4 centimeters. The shell is usually white or pinkish, can grow to 16-18 cm and, moreover, have a small diameter. When the mushroom matures, this shell bursts, and then the disputes that are carried with flies begin to ripen.  The leg of the fungus has the shape of a cylinder, which has a sharp peak. Sometimes you can find specimens with a 12-centimeter leg with a thickness of about a centimeter.

The mushroom itself is hollow, and its structure is spongy. Mutinus of ordinary pink color, but can be cast by orange. The top of it is pale pink, but the mushroom does not have a hat at all-it is replaced by a special mucus that has a terrible smell.

Where it grows

A dog mutinus grows both in the warm edges of Eurasia, such as the Krasnodar Territory, and in the Murmansk region. You can meet the mushroom in Primorye. It also grows in Ukraine, in Armenia and Georgia.  Sometimes he comes across in North America. Usually mushrooms do not live one by one, they can be found in raw places and next to the stumps. It is mostly growing in forests where the soil is rich in humus. He also loves to grow on a rotting tree or on sawdust.

He fruit fruit from midsummer to September, prefers soils with fertilizers that are in the garden or next to the shrubby. After erecting mucus around it flies, the mushroom dies for several days, but before that it turns into orange.


The most important double can be called the mutinus of Ravenel. You can distinguish the last mushroom by a bright body with a yellowish tint and a white smooth shell of a young mushroom. These species are edible until fully ripening, so if you confuse them, nothing terrible will happen. Both mutinuses are quite rare in the forest, listed in the Red Book on the territory of Eurasia.

Mutinus Ravenel

Another double of the mushroom can be called a white bark. This is a poisonous mushroom that can cause poisoning. You can distinguish it by an almost transparent egg through which you can see how the hat is born.

White Press

Dog mutinus can be confused with an ordinary funny. This mushroom has an egg of a bezed shade, and the mucus has a dirty yellow tint. Under the mucus, you can see the white body of the mushroom.

The funny is ordinary

Therapeutic properties

This mushroom is actively used in folk medicine. It is used for gout, and the juice of immature mutinus is used to create face masks. Mushrooms of this species rejuvenate well and, as some doctors say, can help fight cancer (but this, of course, is unverified information). Dog mutinus can also help raise immunity. So, it has tannias and alkaloids. It is also known that a decoction of this mushroom helps to recharge with energy and cheer up.

Typically, mushrooms are poured with alcohol or vodka and left for several days in a cool place and used as a joint ointment.

But, despite this, you can poison with this mushroom. During the development period, it absorbs heavy metals, such as copper and iron, because the danger exists. With poisoning, headache may begin, pressure decrease and painful sensations appear in the stomach.

Features of the mushroom

Mutinus is interesting from the point of view of gardening. These mushrooms can be hooked on apple trees, raspberries or strawberries, because this mushroom is not tied to a particular tree and improves the growth and development of other plants growing nearby. This happens because mutinuses create mycorrhizes with plant roots. Because of this feature, minerals and beneficial substances are better absorbed, and the mushroom can get those products that it is not able to get it itself.

To arrange such symbiosis, gardeners monitor the mycelium of these mushrooms under mulch other plants. This is done so that the mushroom can eat before creating symbiosis with another shrub. There is another method for which only a spore layer of mutinus will be needed. All this must be immersed in water and knead. Then add sugar to the mixture and water the plants with this solution. Over time, disputes should germinate and create mycorrhizes, and then after a few years the mushrooms themselves will grow up.

It is also important that the search for the mushroom is not so complicated, because if you have already found it in the forest in a certain place, then it will appear there constantly.

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