Dolonosd Lotus from the Red Book description and photos, interesting facts

Dolotos nuts is an unusually beautiful perennial plant living in water, which is characterized by habitat in conditions of subtropical climate. This means that the main distribution zones are:

  • India;
  • Far East;
  • Kuban;
  • the lower Volga;
  • Southeast Asia.
  • The most favorable environment for this of the largest and most beautiful types of coastal flora is water bodies, necessarily with standing water or river, but with a small course. If the conditions are most favorable, then it will form extensive thickets.

    Dolonosd Lotus from the Red Book description and photos, interesting facts

    During flowering, huge pink flowers rise above the surface of the water to a height of about 2 meters. This already unique picture is added by wide leaves with a bright green color.

    Types of oschoshino lotus

    In the lotus nuts, the leaves are divided into several types. They can be:

  • floating are located either on the surface of the water, or are under it. In shape they are round and flat;
  • air based on the name, it becomes clear that they rise above the water by several meters. Their shape is slightly different they are funnelshaped, their diameter can reach up to 50 centimeters. Their surface is dense, and the petioles are strong, but flexible.
  • As for the color, all the leaves of such a plant have a juicy green tint.

    The flower is semiaged and it holds on a rather large peduncle. The diameter can be 30 centimeters. Coloring can vary from white to bright scarlet. Outwardly, it looks like a jug, but its petals are somewhat different they are wide and they are not so focusing.

    It is worth noting that during the opening of one flower, several large seeds are formed and the pestle opens. Seeds are quite large from 5 to 15 millimeters. Their shell is compacted, which gives it the opportunity to protect the embryo of such a plant from adverse external factors. The germination can persist for decades, and the seeds are also pleasant to taste.

    Pestle has a flat shape and dimensions from 5 to 10 centimeters. It is surrounded by many stamens on which yellow large anthers are located. This is what provides the flower with its pleasant smell.

    It is common to close the flower in the dark, and it holds on a strong and thickened rhizome, which grows by several meters. Since it contains a large number of nutrient trace elements, it can maintain in a living state for a long time.

    Dolonosd Lotus from the Red Book description and photos, interesting facts

    The death of a nutbearing lotus occurs only in cases of complete drying or freezing of the reservoir.

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