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In total in the world there are about 6650 representatives. About 172 species live in the CIS. Some of all representatives are extremely numerous, and some dragonflies are at risk of extinction. The difference between different species lies in size, habitat, color, etc.D.

Types of dragonflies

In total, dragonflies are divided into 3 main detachments:

  1. Multiwinged;
  2. Equal;
  3. United or ANISOZYGOPTERA.

Types of diverse dragonflies

Various dragonflies have a characteristic feature that consists in the perpendicular position of the wings during rest. The front are much wings of multiplying dragonflies longer and larger back.

Dragonfly Patrarchman-Emperor (Passer-Administrator)

The wingspan of this representative reaches 11 centimeters with a body length in the region of 8 centimeters. Green breast color with dark stripes. The difference between the floors is the color of the wings and the lower body. Female individuals with yellow color of wings and green brush, on which brown spots are located. Men’s representatives, in turn, have colorless wings and a blue abdomen on which dark spots flaunt.

The active period of these dragonflies begins in June, and the Slut continues for a month and a half. As a habitat, standing water bodies are chosen.

Dragonfly cordulanger is a chain

This is a representative with a body length of 9 centimeters and with a wave of wings 10.5 centimeters. The chest and abdomen are decorated with yellowish stripes. Glass wings with dark veins. Chosen cordulating territory with the presence of lakes and rivers.

Dragonfly Silent metallic

The average representative of the dragonflies. The size of the body reaches 4.5 centimeters, and the wingspan reaches 3.8 centimeters. A metal dragonfly is called due to its green body color, which has a characteristic metallic reflection. Part of the abdomen is stained in yellow stain, and a small yellowish strip is located on the forehead. On the front of the wings there is also a yellowish tint.

Dragonfly grandfather is ordinary

A small representative whose wingspan is 3 centimeters, and the body size is 3.7 centimeters. The color of the lower body is predominantly dark with small yellow spots that were located on the side of the dragonfly. The entire surface of the body of an ordinary grandfather is pierced with a yellow strip. Dragonfly live only 30 days. As a rule, they live next to the edges of trees and rivers.

Dragonfly is common

Familiar type of dragonfly. Body color can be either yellow or with a brownish tint. The color has a tendency to change with age. The size of the body is 2.8 centimeters in length, and the wingspan reaches 6 centimeters. Live near swamps and abandoned reservoirs.

Types of equivalent dragonflies

The wings of these representatives coincides. Even at rest, equivalent dragonflies cover the wings, as a result of which they take a vertical position in relation to the body. This detachment also differs in that the speed of their flight is many times slower, in comparison with the diverse relatives.

Dragonfly Beauty Girl (darkwinged beauty)

Middle representative with a body length of 5 centimeters. The color varies depending on the gender. Females with transparent wings on which brown veins flaunt. The body itself is painted green with a beautiful bronze tint. Males have a blue color of wings with a green-blue body color. The habitat of the girl’s beauty is concentrated in places with a lot of vegetation. The beauty is widespread girl in Siberia, Europe and the Far East.

Dragonfly Strelka South

A small representative of equivalents with a body length not more than 3.5 centimeters. Males are predominantly blue with a characteristic black spot in the form of a heart. The female individual changes color from greenish to dark brown with small dark specks on the abdomen.  Live next to reservoirs and rivers.

Dragonfly Lutka-Diades

The body size of this representative can reach 4 centimeters. All insects are painted in a greenish-bronze color on the upper body and with yellow shades along the edges. Transparent wings with a dark bacon. Live mainly near warm dry reservoirs, which have sprouted a large amount of aquatic vegetation.


Almost all representatives are predatory insects. They catch victims during the flight. Each dragonfly has at its disposal a hunting area, which it protects from other people’s representatives. The main diet consists of mosquitoes, flies, moths and other types of flying insects. Dragonfly very large in size can hunt frogs and spiders. The paratrooper larvae that appear eat fry of fish, small insects of ponds and the same larvae of flies or mosquitoes.

Interesting Facts

Dragonfly unique representatives of the Earth. They are endowed with many distinctive features that can be very surprised. For example:

  1. The eyes of a dragonfly are able to perceive ultraviolet light;
  2. The ancestors of the dragonflies were the first air insects of the Earth to appear earlier than dinosaurs;
  3. The Japanese consider the dragonfly ideals of valor and courage;
  4. Dragonflies can carry out flights through entire oceans;
  5. These insects calculate the path of attack with 95% accuracy.
  6. Dragonflies have a lot of interesting qualities that are still studied by scientists 🙂

Dragonfly in Macro

Facts about a dragonfly that will surprise you

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