Dremlik swamp from the Red Book photo and description

Dremlik swamp the appearance of an orchid growing in the wild. It is entered in the Red Book of Mordovia, as this flower will soon disappear from the face of the earth. In the Republic of Mordovia, such an orchid is rarely found in wild conditions. However, gardeners have learned to cultivate it in their gardens and use it for decorative purposes. In addition to Mordovia, the flower is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and is guarded in a number of European countries.


The plant has the form of grassy bushes size 30-65 cm. The plant has a long rhizome with small processes of the main root. The stem is slightly lowered from above, as if from the severity of blossomed flowers. The leaves are located alternately, have an oblong oval shape with a pointed end.

So that the flower bloom on the stem of plants, the dramlik swamp requires eleven years of life. Flowers have a classic shape of orchids, as well as six different brightnesses of the coloring of the petals. On the brush of one plant is placed from 10 to 25 flowers. The flowers bloom up and bloom throughout the summer. In the wild, drimlik sprouts on the territory of swampy forests and glades. Dremlik is able to withstand excess soil moisturizing and loves increased illumination. Orchid can often be found in America, Africa, Scandinavia, Himalayas and Eastern Siberia.


Dremlik propagates not only seeds, but also vegetatively. Most often, gardeners use precisely vegetative propagation, since it is very difficult to use seeds for decorative breeding the orchid, because the seed will germinate when a certain type of mushroom falls on it. The virginal period of the drunker lasts about 5-6 years.

In pollination of flowers, insects play the main role. The structure of the flowers of the drill is so specific that forces from the Emmenes genus are best suited for their pollination. The sweet taste of nectar, which also has a stupefying property, has so much affects the insect that it has to move from the flower to the flower, since it is not able to fly away right away.

Plant care

Most often, the drill is planted by dividing the root. The plant is whimsical, since the gardener will need to constantly monitor its regular watering, cleansing of weeds and insect pests. When planting plants, flower growers often use special water with a high vitamin content. For the winter, the plant is covered with earth and covered with leaves so that the root of the drummer does not freeze. Even scrupulous care does not push a person from the desire to plant this fragile and delicate flower in his site.

In addition to decorative goals, the plant is also used for therapeutic purposes. It has long been used to increase the sexual function of men. The decoction of the orchid eliminates tooth and female pains, tones and strengthens the body. Independent use of the plant for medical purposes is prohibited. Dremlik swamp a plant for real connoisseurs of orchids. It is suitable for a rocky garden for planting on the banks of the river or a small personal reservoir. Such a swamp orchid is combined with fern and hosty.

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