Drown partridge dog: rock characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content


  • Country of origin: Netherlands
  • The size:
  • Growth:
    57–66 cm
  • The weight:
    20–25 kg
  • Age:
    13–13 years
  • MKF breed group:
  • Brief information

  • Great girlfriends;
  • Specialize in the bird;
  • Have an excellent flair;
  • Strong hunting instinct.
  • History of origin

    The historical homeland of these beautiful and dexterous animals call the Dutch province of Drent. They are also called the Dutch patridge, the word “patridge” from Dutch translates as “partridge”. The first data on Drents partridge dogs date back to the 16th century, but the breed is much older. Exact instructions who were the ancestor of the dogs were not preserved. It is assumed that they were cops, Spanish and French, as well as Munsterlander and French Epanyol. Outwardly the animal at the same time looks like a setter and a spaniel.

    Drown partridge dog: rock characteristics, photo, character, rules of care and content

    Due to the chamber of the habitat, the breeders managed to avoid crossing partridge dogs with other rocks, which provided clean blood.

    The Drents received the official recognition of the ICF in 1943.

    Drown partridge dogs are little known in other countries, but in the Netherlands they are quite popular. They hunt a bird with them, they have a sharp scent, easily find prey, make a rack on it, the killed game is brought to the owner. They run fast, swim well, follow the blood trail.


    Rectangular dog with strong muscular paws. The head is medium-sized, firmly planted on a strong neck. chest wide. Amber colored eyes. Ears covered with long hair, hanging down.

    The tail is long, covered with wool with dewlap. Down at rest. Hair on the body of a dog of medium length, coarse, straight. On the ears, paws and tail long. Color white with brown or red spots, may be tricolor (with a red tinge) or black-black, which is less desirable.


    Breeders have developed a hunting instinct in Drents dogs for centuries. Today, they almost do not need to be taught nature has fixed all the necessary skills. In the Netherlands they are called “the dog for the intelligent hunter”. They do not bark in vain, they only give a voice in case of some kind of problem, they are friendly to people, but at the same time they are excellent watchmen and, if necessary, defenders. Loyal to their owners, love their home, never want to run away. Well get along with children, even small. Calmly treat small pets, including cats, which for hunting breeds is a rarity.


    Dogs are unpretentious and special care do not require. Standard procedures for cleaning the ears and cutting of claws are carried out as necessary. The wool is combed with a hard brush once a week, during molting more often. You often do not need to bathe the animal, the coat is perfectly selfcleaned.


    Dogs may well live in an apartment and around the city both in the house and in warm aviarys. But outside the city, of course, is preferable animals need many hours of walks, which in other conditions are difficult to provide. It is very desirable to go hunting with them or at least for nature, to reservoirs.

    Drown parttime dogs swim with great pleasure. It will also be useful to take the dog with you during a bike rod or run.


    Since it is extremely difficult to find a puppy of a Drents partridge dog in Russia (they are not bred here), you should contact the Dutch kennels. The price will depend on the title of the parents and the exterior.

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