Eared owl photo and description, red book where it lives, food, chicks

Real predator of the owl detachment. The roots of eared owls originate in distant antiquity. From the beginning of the Cenozoic era, these types of owls have settled many forests of America. The peculiarity of the eared owl follows from the name.


The ears are very released on a round head in the form of feathers. The color of the beams of brown or reddishcolored. The eyes are predominantly orange, less often yellow. The face of the eared owl is decorated with dark feathers near the beak and light near the chin. The body has a red color of the plumage with brown patterns. Have a sharp beak and a long tail. In size, the bird is not the most overall, but also rather big. The length of her body varies from 30 to 40 centimeters, and weight can reach 2.5 kilograms. Anatomical differences between the sexes are weak.


Eared owl is common in Eurasia, Scandinavia and Finland, found in Palestine and Iran. Many nests of these mysterious birds are located in the east of Tibet and in the mountains of Nanypany. Part of the population lives in California, South Arizona, Virginia and Oklahom. Love these representatives settled on the islands. They can be found in Canary, Azores, Japanese and British Islands.

Eared and Eurasia are found. They prefer to burn the deciduous forests of the Orenburg, Krasnoyarsk, Perm and Tula regions.

This type of owl is prone to a nomadic lifestyle. Migrate mainly during the cold period, as they are poorly adapted to the winter climate. Forests, parks, thickets of shrubs are chosen as a habitat.


A typical diet of eared owl is determined by the habitat. Owls of birds of prey, therefore, most of their diet consists of small mammals.

Usually they enter their food:

  • Moles;
  • Frogs;
  • Fields, rats or mice;
  • Shrews;
  • The bats.
  • Many birds eat various insects and beetles. But most eared owls fill up to 80% of their diet with rodents. In addition, these predatory birds were seen in the hunt for rooks, pheasants and partridges. Nutrition by these representatives occupies no more than 10% of the total diet.


    Eared owls hunt in different ways. The type of hunting determines the biohabitat and its noisiness. As a rule, most eared owls choose mixed forests as a habitat. Hunting in the forest, the eared owl tracks its victim on high trees and expects the victim to be distracted, to quickly attack it. Inhabited in open areas, eared owls use a search flight. The bird is spinning over the ground in search of a potential victim. Some eared owls guard their food sitting on the ground.


    The marriage season of eared owls begins with the arrival of spring. In early March, birds behave very noisily, publishing meek cries, calling for a future partner to a marriage flight. When forming a couple, eared owls rents nests of forty, raven or rooks. They can settle on the grass. In the selected nest, the female lays from 3 to 9 eggs. Engaged in incubation and security alone. At night she is forced to leave her eggs to find herself for food for food.

    Chicks of eared owl

    The cubs of the cubs of eared owls are born after 25-30 days. Small chicks are born completely helpless with a weight of 14-25 grams. The bodies of the owl are covered with a white fluff. There is no vision in the early days of life. Fighting eared owls begin on the fourth day. During this period, they have vision. A month later, a small eared owl becomes like a formed bird. You can distinguish a baby-SOVA only by the nature of the plumage. It is finally formed by two months of life. Highfingered louds become aged from a year.

    Features of behavior

    The eared owl is activated with the onset of night. He uses daytime time to sleep and rest, avoiding contacts with the outside world. Owls can form small groups in an illegitimate period. During nesting, they prefer to separate from a neighbor to a distance of 100 meters. In search of prey, birds go one by one. Eared owls are relatively calm, but in the wedding season it can be aggressively configured. With potential danger, they begin to flinch their feathers and hiss menacingly.

    Listen to the voice of an eared owl

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