Earth Atlantic photo and description, where it swims and how it looks like

Earth Atlantic (latch. Lithognathus Mormyrus) a fish that belongs to the family of Mormors and the family of the Sparrows, the detachment perchlike. This marine inhabitant was described by Karl Linnaeus the Swedish natural scientist. This was done in 1758.


This fish has an elongated body, it is slightly flattened on the sides. The head is rounded, the snout of the zemlya is thick and long. This representative of Mormors has small eyes, they are located quite high. This fish has thick lips, the jaw is highly pushed forward. The spinal fin of the Atlantic earthlings is long, it has only 11 prickly and 12 soft rays. The fish is usually gray, the scales cast it silver. There are yellow spots on the body of the fish. There are dark stripes on the sides of Zemlya, usually there are no more than 13. There are strips on the tail too, they are short. There is an alternation of white and black stripes. The abdominal fin is painted in yellow, like an anal fin. All other grayish, but the spinal fin is darker. The length of the torso of zemstvo from 14 to 25 cm. Record size 55 cm. Fish weighs about 1 kg.

Where it lives

This species inhabit the various seas of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Zemlyri can be found from the Bay of the Bay to M. Good hope. There are a lot of fish and in the Red Sea. At the moment, there are small populations in the Black Sea. Individuals prefer to live almost at the bottom and do not form groups. They are often found at a depth of 100-150 m. Small fish often create jambs of 50 fish, all of them are formed on the basis of age. Such specimens live at a depth of 10 m.

Atlantic zhrodi inhabit the seas with a silty or sandy bottom, where there are thickets of green algae. They are active only at night.

What eats

Basically, the earthly is powered by representatives of crustaceans, mollusks. Young individuals eat in mainly oar crayfish and amphipodes. They love fish and sea grass, they tear it with their mouths, then rise from the depths and sort pieces. Atlantic zhros love microorganisms.


Earth migrates along the coast of Georgia and Bulgaria, as well as through the coastal waters of the Crimea and Romania. In 2015, the population of these fish was also discovered in the Sea of ​​Azov, the habitat of fish expanded due to the erection of the sea.


This fish is hermaphrodite. It reaches puberty at 2 years, when body length is 14 cm. Spawning occurs from June to July. Atlantic Zavlya has been living for about 12 years.


Fish is caught in the southeast of the Atlantic and served to the table. Zemsky has a very delicate meat that is used in many dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

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