Earth’s endogenous geological processes and relief

The earth’s surface is not something unshakable, monumental and motionless. Lithosphere is subject to various processes of interaction of some systems among themselves. One of such phenomena is considered to be endogenous processes, whose name in Latin means “internal”, not exposed to influence from the outside. Such geological processes are directly related to deep transformations inside the globe, which occur under the influence of high temperatures, gravity and mass of the surface shell of the lithosphere.

Types of endogenous processes

Endogenous processes are divided according to the method of their manifestation:

  • Magmatism the movement of magma to the upper layer of the earth’s crust and its exit to the surface;
  • earthquakes that significantly affect the stability of the relief;
  • Magma fluctuations caused by gravity and complex physico-chemical reactions inside the planet.
  • As a result of endogenous processes, all kinds of deformations of platforms and tectonic plates occur. They are approaching each other, forming folds, or bursting. Then huge cavities appear on the surface of the planet. Such activity not only contributes to a change in the relief of the planet, but also significantly affects the crystalline structure of many rocks.

    Earth's endogenous geological processes and relief

    Endogenous processes and biosphere

    All metamorphoses occurring inside the planet affect the state of the plant world and living organisms. Thus, the eruptions of magma and products of volcanic activity can significantly change the adjacent ecosystems adjacent to the places of their release, destroying entire areas of the existence of certain types of flora and fauna. Earthquakes lead to destruction of the surface of the earth’s crust and tsunami, taking away thousands of lives of people and animals, sweeping away everything in their path.

    Earth's endogenous geological processes and relief

    At the same time, thanks to such geological processes, mineral deposits were formed on the surface of the lithosphere:

  • ores of precious metals gold, silver, platinum;
  • deposits of industrial materials ores of iron, copper, lead, tin and almost all participants in the Mendeleev table;
  • All kinds of shales and clay containing lead, uranium, potassium, phosphorus and other substances necessary for a person and herbal world;
  • diamonds and a number of precious stones, which have not only jewelry, but also practical value in the development of civilization.
  • Some scientists are trying to invent deep weapons using minerals, capable of causing earthquakes or eruptions of volcanoes. It’s scary to think about what irreversible consequences this can lead to all of humanity.

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