Eco friendly shoes: modern, fashionable and safe

Shoes are an essential piece of everyday wardrobe and an element of individual style. Current ‘green trends’ encourage people to rethink their attitudes and consider the environmental impact of their clothing. In contemporary fashion, the eco-friendliness of footwear products is equated with beauty and quality.

Green trends in 2023

The shoe industry is designed in such a way that it is impossible to completely avoid having a negative impact on the environment. Factories use harmful synthetic substances such as acetone, butyl acetate, toluene, and various adhesives. Industrial operations emit dust and toxic air emissions. Manufacturers strive to minimize damage to nature and human health by introducing environmentally friendly technologies:

  • The use of recycled products.

International brands Indosole, Vagabond, and The People’s Movement use recycled materials to make trainers, boots, and shoes. For example, old car tires get a second life as a result of recycling and become sports soles. Natural materials such as banana leaves and wood are also used extensively.

  • Rejection of natural fur and leather.

The vegan movement is rapidly gaining popularity among young people. It involves the rejection of animal products. The creation of eco-leather and faux fur products avoids the exploitation of wildlife and is in line with the principles of humanity.

Eco-friendly shoes for children

People who care about nature and children’s health buy environmentally friendly clothes for their sons and daughters. This is what safe shoes for girls and boys are made from:

  • Nubuck

It has an attractive velvety texture and resembles suede. Nubuck boots are breathable and keep you warm. Natural nubuck is highly durable, while synthetic nubuck boasts water resistance.

  • Faux leather

It is just as good aesthetically as animal material – it has a rich tone, softness, and light luster. Artificial leather is as resistant to wear and tear and retains heat as natural leather, but costs considerably less. In addition, no animals are harmed in the production of leatherette. This is in line with the ethics of veganism, which does not allow the exploitation of wildlife.

  • Textiles

A successful option for children’s summer footwear. Fabric trainers and trainers are lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear. They provide micro-circulation of air, allowing the foot to breathe. Natural textiles are biodegradable and do not harm the environment.

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