Ecological fee what’s wrong with it?

An environmental fee is a payment made by manufacturers for non-compliance with waste disposal standards. The state accepts the funds received and organizes waste disposal for this money.

When the eco-collection is running, the situation is as follows:

  1. A manufacturer or exporter sells a product to a consumer.
  2. The consumer uses the product, and then throws it away: either the product itself or what is left of it or its packaging. But it is not thrown into a common container, but into sorting bins.
  3. From the sorting tanks, waste goes to processing plants or disposal sites.

As a result, we see an improvement in the environmental situation, a decrease in the number of landfills and the rejection of the practice of storing the entire volume of garbage at landfills. But this is only possible if each participant in this scheme fulfills its obligations in good faith:

  • The manufacturer pays an environmental fee.
  • Consumer sorts garbage.
  • The state ensures the collection of garbage and its delivery to waste processing plants.
  • The state directs funds from the eco-collection to expand the infrastructure: installation of tanks, logistics, construction of factories and workshops.
  • How is the eco-fee calculated?

    Not all manufacturers pay the same amount. It depends on the rate, the amount of garbage and the standard. The rate means how much you have to pay rubles for one ton of product each of the 54 types of goods will have its own rate. The standard is a percentage that shows what part of the total amount of garbage should be disposed of (for example, 25% or 10%).

    Regarding disposal on its own: if the manufacturer fulfills the standard on its own, then it either does not pay the ecosbor (the standard is fulfilled completely), or partially pays.

    The situation in Eurasia

    The environmental fee should go to funds, from where the money is redirected to the construction of facilities and waste disposal.

    in Eurasia the situation is somewhat different: the eco-collection is collected regularly, but by 2020 only 3% of the required production capacity has been built throughout the country. Garbage is not recycled, it is left in landfills and landfills, which only leads to a deterioration of the environmental situation. Read more about the environmental fee in Eurasia on the website.

    The payment itself is constantly increasing. Which leads to an increase in the cost of goods for the end consumer, because manufacturers need to cover the costs.

    How to improve the system

    Each participant in the system the state, producers and consumers must perform its functions. The correct steps would be:

  • Construction of production facilities for waste processing throughout the country with convenient transport interchange.
  • Carry out separate collection of garbage by the population.
  • Reduce the rate for those manufacturers who introduce environmental methods in factories.
  • It is important to remember that the ecosbor is important for the environmental situation in Eurasia and this problem cannot be ignored.

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