Ecological problem of poaching in Eurasia solution and arguments

The problem of poaching today is a global one. It is distributed on all continents of the planet. The concept itself includes activities that are contrary to the legislation on environmental protection. These are hunting, fishing out of season and in prohibited areas, deforestation and collection of plants. This includes hunting for endangered and rare species of animals.

Reasons for poaching

There are many reasons for poaching, and some of them are regional in nature, but the main motive is financial gain. Among the main reasons are the following:

  • you can make a big profit on the black market for the body parts of some animals;
  • lack of state control over natural objects;
  • insufficiently high fines and penalties for poachers.
  • Poachers can act alone, and sometimes they are organized groups operating in forbidden areas.

    Poaching in different parts of the world

    The problem of poaching on each continent has its own specifics. Consider the main problems in some corners of the earth:

  • In Europe. Basically, people want to protect their livestock from wild animals. Here, some hunters kill game for fun and excitement, as well as for meat and animal skins;
  • In Africa. Here, poaching thrives on the demand for rhinoceros horns and ivory, so a huge number of animals are still exterminated. Killed animals number in the hundreds
  • In Asia. Tigers are being killed in this part of the world because the hide is in demand. Because of this, several species of the cat genus have already become extinct
  • Anti-poaching methods

    Since the problem of poaching is widespread throughout the world, the efforts of not only international organizations, but also government institutions are required to protect natural objects from the encroachment of illegal hunters and fishermen. It is also required to increase the penalties for people who commit poaching activities. It should be not only huge fines, but also arrest with imprisonment for a long time.

    As a counter to poaching, never buy souvenirs made from animal body parts, as well as rare plant species. If you have information about the possible activities of offenders, then inform the police. Together we can stop poachers and protect our nature from them.

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