Ecological problems of deciduous forests of Eurasia

Broad-leaved forests are found in East Asia and Europe, North America, New Zealand and Chile. Deciduous trees grow in them, in which deciduous plates are wide. These are elms and maples, oaks and lindens, ash and beeches. They grow in temperate climates with mild winters and long summers.

The problem of using forest resources

The main ecological problem of deciduous forests is the felling of trees. Oak is considered a particularly valuable breed, which is used for the production of furniture and household items. Since this wood has been actively used for centuries, the ranges of this species are constantly decreasing. Various breeds are used for the construction and heating of dwellings, for the chemical and paper-pulp industries, and berries and mushrooms are used as food.

Deforestation is taking place to make way for agricultural land. Now the forest cover is low, and most often you can find an alternation of forest with a field. Trees are also cut down in order to later use the area for the application of railways and roads, expanding the boundaries of settlements and building houses.

The process, as a result of which forests are cut down and the soil is freed from trees for further economic development, is called deforestation, which is an urgent environmental problem of our time. Unfortunately, the speed of this process is 1.4 million. kV. kilometers in 10 years.

Elemental problems

Changes in broadleaf forests are affected by climate and weather changes. Since global warming is now taking place on the planet, this could not but affect the state of the forest ecosystem. Since the atmosphere is now polluted, it negatively affects the forest flora. When harmful substances enter the air, they then fall out in the form of acid rain and worsen the condition of plants: photosynthesis is disturbed and tree growth slows down. Frequent rains laden with chemicals can lead to forest death.

Ecological problems of deciduous forests of Eurasia

Forest fires are a major threat to broadleaf forests. They occur due to natural causes in the summer, when the air temperature becomes very high, and precipitation does not fall, and due to anthropogenic influence, when people did not extinguish the fire in time.

The main ecological problems of deciduous forests are listed, but there are others, such as poaching and pollution with garbage, as well as a number of others.

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