Ecological problems of Kyiv causes and consequences | Ecology of Kyiv

Kyiv ranks 29th in the ranking of polluted cities in the world. The capital of Ukraine has problems with air and water, industry and household waste have a negative impact, there is a threat of extermination of representatives of flora and fauna.

Air pollution

Experts assess the degree of air pollution in Kyiv as above average. Problems in this category include:

  • the air is polluted by car exhaust gases and carcinogens from gasoline;
  • more than 20 harmful elements are present in the atmosphere;
  • smog forms over the city;
  • many enterprises smoke the sky waste incineration, metallurgical, machine-building, energy, food.
  • The dirtiest places in Kyiv lie near highways and intersections. There is fresh air in the Hydropark area, in the National Expocenter and along Nauki Avenue. The atmosphere is most polluted between March and August.

    Water pollution in Kyiv

    According to statistics, residents of Kyiv consume approximately 1 billion cubic meters of drinking water per year. Its sources are such water intakes as the Dnieper and Desnyansky. Experts say that in these areas the water is moderately polluted, and in some places it is classified as dirty.

    Harmful impurities in water accelerate the aging process, inhibit people’s activities, and some elements cause mental retardation.

    As for the sewerage system, wastewater is discharged into the Syrets and Lybid rivers, as well as into the Dnieper. If we talk about the state of the sewerage system in Kyiv, then the equipment is very worn out, it is in critical condition. There are still some networks that were put into operation in 1872. All this can cause flooding of the city. There is a high probability of an imminent man-made accident at the Bortnichesky aeration station.

    Problems of flora and fauna of Kyiv

    Kyiv is surrounded by green spaces and there is a forest zone around it. Some areas are occupied by mixed forests, others are coniferous, and others are broad-leaved. There is also a wooded area. On the territory of the city there is a huge number of artificial and natural forest park areas.

    The problem of plants in Kyiv is that quite often trees are cut down illegally, and bald territories are given for the implementation of commercial projects.

    Over 25 plant species are endangered. They are placed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

    Ambrosia and dangerous plants grow in Kyiv, which cause various diseases, for example, hay fever, asthma. Most of all they grow on the Left Bank, in some places on the Right Bank. There are no harmful plants except in the city center.

    For 40-50 years, out of 83 species of animals living in Kyiv and listed in the Red Book, half of this list has already been destroyed. This is facilitated by the expansion of the urban area, which means the reduction of animal habitats. There are some species that are accustomed to living in cities, for example, centipedes, lake toads, green mush, rats. Squirrels live quite a lot in Kyiv, there are bats, moles, hedgehogs. If we talk about birds, then 110 species of birds live in Kyiv, and almost all of them are under protection. So in the city you can meet the Cheglik, nightingales, yellow wagtail, sparrows, tits, pigeons, crows.

    Ecological problem of Kyiv – Radikal plant

    Environmental problem in Poznyaki and Kharkiv

    Other problems

    The problem of household waste is of great importance. In the city there are landfills, where a huge amount of garbage accumulates. These materials decompose over several hundred years, emit toxic substances that subsequently pollute the soil, water, and air. Another problem is radiation pollution. Huge environmental damage was caused by the accident that occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. All these factors have led to the fact that the ecological situation in Kyiv has significantly worsened. Residents of the city need to seriously think about this, change a lot in their principles and daily activities, before it’s too late.

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