Ecological problems of mixed forests of Eurasia and the world

In mixed forests, broadleaved and coniferous breeds of trees grow. In this natural zone, the warm summer, and the winter is soft. There is a lot of precipitation in a year up to 800 mm. In such conditions, a rich plant and animal world has formed.

The problem of deforestation

Most environmental problems of mixed forests depend on human activities. You can distinguish a number of ecoprolays for each particular forest, but there are common problems that are characteristic of all mixed forests:

  • Weather changes. Pollution of the atmosphere, soil and water affected weather conditions. At times there are weather phenomena that do not correspond to the current season, which affects the flora and fauna of the forest. Harsh frosts destroy the bark of trees, and the excessively hot sun evaporates moisture faster and leads to fires. Acid rain affects the process of photosynthesis, as a result of which plant growth slows down
  • Poaching. Animal populations are declining, which leads to the extinction of certain species, and the food chain and the vital activity of entire ecosystems are also disrupted. Viruses can also be transmitted from humans to animals, which can lead to serious illnesses
  • Forest fires. Occurs mainly due to people. As a result of forest fires, hectares of plants are destroyed and thousands of animals and birds die. This phenomenon significantly changes the ecosystems of mixed forests
  • Trash. Some animals take waste for food, and may die, because polyethylene, plastic and other materials are not excreted from the body, clog the digestive tract and animals die in agony. In addition, garbage that decomposes for decades and centuries has a negative impact on plants, from which they can die.
  • 5.Deforestation has reached gigantic proportions, and thousands of hectares of forest have already been destroyed all over the planet. This leads to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect, soil destruction and desertification, as well as the disappearance of many species of flora and fauna from the face of the earth.
  • The impact of humans on the ecology of mixed forests

    Many people envisage the nature of mixed forests for economic use. So in the forest zone there is fertile soil, so very often people cut down trees in order to create agricultural fields in their place and grow different crops. All this leads to the following consequences:

  • deforestation;
  • destruction of animals;
  • plowing of land;
  • change in natural areas;
  • climate change.
  • As a result, people not only use mixed forests, but also threaten the safety of plants and animals. Not all species can adapt to life in new conditions.

    Speaking about the impact of people on the forest ecosystem, it, of course, has a negative meaning. Since the laws of nature are violated, the timber may not recover. The reduction in the number of trees on the planet leads to the fact that there are not enough plants to produce enough oxygen, which in turn significantly worsens the state of the atmosphere. Some species of rare plants grow in mixed forests, rare species of animals live, and valuable species of fish live in reservoirs.

    In addition to the fact that people destroy forests, those that remain, they pollute them. And this is not only the garbage left by tourists, but also the pollution of forest rivers and lakes, the release of exhaust gases and harmful compounds into the atmosphere. As a result, acid rain can fall in forest areas. As a result of anthropogenic activity, the soil may be polluted, which will contribute to the entry of harmful substances into the body of plants. Careless and careless behavior of people in the forest can lead to fires. In this case, nature is exterminated rapidly, and vast territories suffer. It is worth mentioning the poaching activities of people, which is of negative importance to the life of a forest ecosystem.

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