Ecological problems of plants | Plant protection, problems of extinction and selection

The main environmental problem of the plant world is the destruction of vegetation by people. It’s one thing when people pick wild berries, use medicinal plants, and another thing when fires destroy thousands of hectares of all living things that are on the territory. In this regard, the destruction of flora is a current global environmental problem.

The destruction of individual plant species leads to the impoverishment of the entire gene pool of flora. If at least one species is exterminated, then the entire ecosystem changes dramatically. So plants are food for herbivores, and if the vegetation cover is destroyed, these animals will die out, and then predators.

Main problems

If we talk about specifics, then the reduction in the number of flora species occurs for the following reasons:

  • deforestation;
  • drainage of reservoirs;
  • agricultural activity;
  • Nuclear pollution;
  • industrial emissions;
  • soil depletion;
  • anthropogenic interference in ecosystems.
  • What plants are on the verge of extinction?

    What the extermination of plants will lead to, we know. Now let’s talk about which species are in danger of extinction. Among flowers, edelweiss is considered rare. There is also little Chinese mouseflower left on the planet, although it does not have beauty and attractiveness, but rather can scare anyone. Another rare is middlemist red. If we talk about trees, then the Methuselah pine is considered the rarest, it is also very ancient. Also in the desert grows a tree of life, which is more than 400 years old. Speaking of other rare plants, we can name the Japanese beard miniature orchid, Fori rhododendron, puya raimondi, wild lupine, Franklin tree, large-leaved magnolia, nepenthes tenax, jade flower and others.

    Ecological problems of plants | Plant protection, problems of extinction and selection

    What threatens the destruction of the flora?

    The shortest answer is the termination of life of all living things, since plants are a source of food for people and animals. If we talk about more specific points, then forests are considered the lungs of the planet. Their destruction leads to the fact that the possibility of air purification decreases, a high concentration of carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere. This leads to the greenhouse effect, changes in heat transfer, climate change and global warming. The consequences of the destruction of both individual plant species and a huge amount of flora will lead to catastrophic consequences for the entire planet, so we should not risk our future and protect plants from destruction.

    Ecological problems of plants | Plant protection, problems of extinction and selection
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