Ecological problems of rivers and ways to solve them | Problems of pollution of small and large rivers

One of the pressing environmental problems is the problem of rivers. Every year the need to conserve water resources increases. Russia is the leader in fresh water reserves, but the water of more than 70% of the rivers is polluted and is not even suitable for technical use. One of the reasons is the lack of water cleaning structures. The equipment that is used is mostly outdated, so the water purification process is so weak in our country. Water of poor quality entails dozens of diseases that the population is subjected to, among which hepatitis and infectious ailments are most dangerous.

In addition to the fact that water is a source of life for people, it is necessary to maintain the lives of all the ecosystems of the planet. The water cycle in nature provides uniform distribution of moisture. In agriculture, the water of small rivers is used for irrigation systems, but this leads to pollution of water resources to oremicates, which subsequently makes it unsuitable for drinking, both people and animals.


So that the water is clean when the cities and villages are entered into communal water supply, it goes through several stages of cleaning and filtering. But in different countries, after treatment, water does not always meet hygienic standards. There are a number of countries in which after drinking water from the crane you can poison. In addition, household water and industrial wastewater are not always cleaned when they descend into reservoirs.

Electricity and rivers

Another problem of rivers is associated with the electric power industry, during which small rivers are used, the work of which provides the population with electricity. About 150 hydroelectric power plants operates around the country. As a result of this, the riverbeds change and water is polluted, the work of reservoirs is overloaded, as a result of which the living conditions of entire ecosystems are worsening. Hundreds of small rivers also disappear annually from the face of the earth, which causes significant harm to the environment, loss of flora and fauna.

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