Ecological problems of the Amazon River and ways to solve them

The Amazon is the longest river in the world (more than 6 km) and belongs to the Atlantic Ocean basin. This river has many tributaries, due to which it has a huge volume of water. During periods of rain, the river floods vast areas of land. An amazing world of flora and fauna formed on the shores of the Amazon. But, despite all the power of the water area, modern environmental problems have not bypassed it.

Extinction of animal species

Huge populations of fish hide in the waters of the Amazon, but in recent decades, due to intensive human activity, the biodiversity of the ecosystem is undergoing changes. Scientists have discovered in the Amazon about 2.5 thousand. freshwater fish. For example, the prehistoric fish Arapaima was on the verge of extinction, and in order to preserve this species, this fish began to be bred on farms.

In the waters of this area there are many interesting fish and animals: piranhas, bull shark, caiman crocodile, anaconda snake, pink dolphin, electric eel. And all of them are under threat due to the activities of people who only want to consume the riches of the Amazon. In addition, since the discovery of America and this water area, many people have hunted various species of fauna in order to show off their trophies, and this has also led to a reduction in populations.

Water pollution

There are many ways to pollute the Amazon. This is how people cut down the tropical forests of South America, and in these areas the ecosystems are not restored, the soil is depleted and washed into the river. This leads to silting of the water area and its shallowing. The installation of dams and the development of industry on the banks of the Amazon not only leads to the disappearance of flora and fauna, but also contributes to the flow of industrial water into the water area. All this affects the change in the chemical composition of water. The atmosphere is polluted, the air is filled with various chemical compounds, rainwater falling over the Amazon and on its banks also significantly pollutes water resources.

The water of this river is a source of life not only for flora and fauna, but also for local people living in tribes. In the river they get their food. In addition, in the Amazonian jungle, Indian tribes have the opportunity to hide from alien invasions and live in peace. But the activity of foreigners, the development of the economy, leads to the displacement of the local population from their usual habitats, and dirty water contributes to the spread of diseases, from which these people die.


The life of many people, animals and plants depends on the Amazon River. The exploitation of this water area, deforestation and water pollution leads not only to a reduction in biodiversity, but also to climate change. Here is the home of many people who have had a traditional way of life for several millennia, and the invasion of Europeans significantly harmed not only nature, but also human civilization as a whole.

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