Ecological problems of the atmosphere and ways to solve them

Every day, people breathe in air enriched not only with oxygen, but with harmful gases and chemical compounds, which negatively affects health. At the moment, the following types of pollution can be distinguished:

  • natural (plant pollen, forest fires, dust after volcanic eruptions);
  • chemical (gaseous substances);
  • radioactive (radiation by radioactive substances);
  • electromagnetic (electromagnetic waves);
  • thermal (warm air);
  • biological (contamination by microbes, viruses, bacteria).
  • Sources of air pollution

    The problem of air pollution is relevant for all countries of the world, but the air mass is not equally polluted all over the planet. The greatest lack of clean air in economically developed countries and large metropolitan areas. Various enterprises operate there: metallurgical, chemical, energy, petrochemical, construction. All these facilities emit harmful substances into the atmosphere during operation. They are required to use purification facilities. Some businesses do not use them because they do not comply with regulations or because the equipment is outdated.

    Ecological problems of the atmosphere and ways to solve them

    Air is polluted by the following elements and substances:

  • carbon monoxide;
  • sulfur dioxide;
  • nitrogen oxide;
  • carbon dioxide;
  • hydrocarbons;
  • heavy metals;
  • mechanical dust;
  • sublimates, etc. d.
  • Consequences of air pollution

    First of all, air pollution negatively affects human health, as it leads to allergies, lung cancer, heart and respiratory diseases. Secondly, pollution leads to diseases of animals, birds, fish, to the death of plants.

    Air pollution problems contribute to the formation of ozone holes, and the ozone layer protects the earth from solar radiation. In addition, the greenhouse effect is increasing, due to which the air temperature is constantly increasing, which leads to global warming of the planet. Once in the atmosphere, chemicals fall to the ground in the form of acid rain with oxides of nitrogen and sulfur. Large cities are covered in smog of steam, smoke and dust, making it difficult for people to breathe and move around the streets, as smog significantly reduces visibility.

    In order for all living beings to have the opportunity to enrich their body with oxygen in the process of breathing, it is necessary to clean up the atmosphere. This requires reducing the use of vehicles, reducing waste, using environmentally friendly technologies and switching to renewable energy sources.

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