Ecological problems of the Black Sea and its shores briefly

Today, the Black Sea ecology is in a state of crisis. The influence of negative natural and anthropogenic factors inevitably leads to changes in the ecosystem. Basically, the water area suffered the same problems as other seas. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Blooming of the Black Sea

One of the urgent problems of the Black Sea is water bloom, an excess of algae, that is, eutrophication. Plants use most of the oxygen soluble in water. Animals and fish lack it, therefore they die. On satellite images you can see how the color of the Black Sea water differs from others.

Oil pollution

Another problem is oil pollution. This water area ranks first in terms of oil pollution. The most polluted areas are coastal areas, especially ports. Oil spills sometimes happen and it takes several years for the ecosystem to recover.

The Black Sea is polluted by industrial and household waste. These are garbage, and chemical elements, and heavy metals, and liquid substances. All this worsens the condition of the water. Various objects floating in the water are perceived by the inhabitants of the sea as food. They die eating them.

The emergence of alien species

No less problem is the appearance of alien species in the water of the Black Sea. The most stable of them take root in the water area, multiply, destroy local plankton species and change the ecology of the sea. Alien species and other factors in turn lead to a decrease in the biological diversity of the ecosystem.


Another problem is poaching. It is not as global as the previous ones, but no less dangerous. It is necessary to increase penalties for illegal and uncontrolled fishing.

In order to preserve the ecosystem and improve the ecology of the sea, the effective activity of all countries located on the Black Sea coast is needed. At the legislative level, the Convention on the Protection of the Black Sea from Pollution was signed. Bodies for coordinating environmental programs of the water area have also been created.

Solving environmental problems of the Black Sea

In addition, it is necessary to control harmful industrial and domestic emissions into the sea. It is necessary to regulate the processes of catching fish and create conditions for improving the life of marine animals. Still need to use equipment to purify water and coastal areas. People themselves can take care of the ecology of the Black Sea without throwing garbage into the water, requiring the authorities to improve the ecological situation of the water area. If we are not indifferent to environmental problems, everyone will make a small contribution, then we will be able to save the Black Sea from an environmental disaster.

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