Ecological problems of the forest zone

Environmental problems of the modern world are a danger to all countries. Therefore, only by uniting, humanity will be able to find a solution. And this positive decision is possible with material well-being and progress in the healthy nature around us.

Environmental degradation has a negative impact on the health of the entire population. There are already a considerable number of settlements where the consequences of atmospheric pollution have left their mark on people (respiratory and nervous system diseases, cancer, etc.).).

The most significant ecosystems on the entire planet are forests. Experts identify several important functions that forests perform in the geographical world.

Forest Functions

Firstly, this is, of course, a climatic function, since the forest is the main supplier of air. For example, 1 km2 of forest produces 11 tons of oxygen / day. They strengthen the climate balance reduce temperature, increase humidity, reduce wind speed, etc.

Second, the hydrological function. First of all, forests reduce the intensity of runoff after heavy rains, delay water ingress into the soil, prevent mudflows and landslides, and protect people’s homes from violent water flows.

Third, the soil function. The substance that accumulates in forests is directly involved in the formation of soils.

Fourth, economic.  Since wood is of no small importance in the history of people.

Fifth, functions public and health. Forests create a unique soothing atmosphere, where a person can realize his spiritual and physical needs.

Reasons for deforestation

The main reasons for the decrease in forest land are the extensive use of wood in industry, the increase in agricultural land, the construction of roads, etc.d.

Let’s not forget about natural disasters volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that reduce the area of ​​​​forestland to dangerous limits.

Forest fires destroy an incredibly large number of forests, often due to drought, lightning, or the careless behavior of tourists or children.

In some countries, wood is still used as a fuel or building material. For industrial purposes, deforestation has become excessive, this exceeds the natural regenerative capacity of forests and leads to a critical limit.

Deforestation in the equatorial zones of our planet will lead to significant climate change, so there is an urgent need to protect the entire forest fund of the Earth.

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