Ecological problems of the lakes of Eurasia and the world | Ecology of lakes

Environmental problems of lakes are similar to those of inland seas. First of all, the water bodies are negatively affected by the economic and industrial activities of people, since the water of the lakes is used for various needs, and it goes down into the water bodies dirty, practically not cleaned. This leads not only to water pollution, but also to a change in the thermal regime of the ecosystem. Many living creatures of lakes are very sensitive to temperature changes and cannot exist normally. There is also the problem of turbidity of the water of the lakes, which also leads to discomfort for the inhabitants of the lakes. In general, any impact negatively affects the water area.

The following problems of lakes can be distinguished

  • pollution;
  • decrease in the amount of oxygen in the water;
  • release of harmful substances;
  • decrease in populations and diseases of animals and fish in water bodies;
  • coastal destruction;
  • reduction in the number of spawning grounds;
  • changing regimes of lakes;
  • the occurrence of “dead zones” in the water.
  • Pollution of lakes occurs not only due to water runoff, but also due to pollution of nearby landscapes. Atmospheric pollution also causes significant damage. During precipitation, all pollutants enter water bodies, worsening the condition of ecosystems. There is also another environmental problem the saturation of water bodies with biogenic elements. It should be noted that each lake has its own set of problems.

    The most polluted lakes in the world

    Many water bodies in the world have a high level of pollution. The ranking of the dirtiest lakes is as follows:

    Ecological problems of the lakes of Eurasia and the world | Ecology of lakes
  • Lake of Death (Italy). It is negatively affected by Mount Etna and anthropogenic activities. The water is too saturated with sulfuric acid, so not a single microorganism survives in the water of the lake;
  • Black Hole (Russia). The lake is filled with industrial waste, so they plan to fill it with earth and sand
  • Karachay (Russia). The lake was contaminated as a result of an explosion at the Mayak plant, so the waters carry a high level of radioactive elements that can lead to the death of any organism;
  • Boiling Lake (Dominican Republic). It has a high temperature of +92 degrees Celsius, so any creature that gets into the lake will be boiled alive. Even when the reservoir cools, it is forbidden to swim in it;
  • Onondaga (USA). The lake is on the verge of an ecological disaster due to the discharge of industrial effluents;
  • Kivu (border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo). Polluted lake due to volcano.
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