Ecological problems of the seas of Eurasia and the world briefly | Ways to solve the problem of the seas

The sea is a unique object of nature in which the ocean, land and atmosphere interact, not excluding the influence of the anthropogenic factor. A special natural zone is developing on the sea coasts, which has an impact on the ecosystems located nearby. The waters of the rivers flowing through various settlements flow into the seas and feed them.

Climate change

Global warming and climate change also affects the state of the seas. As a result of the annual increase in temperature by +2 degrees Celsius, glaciers are melting, the level of the World Ocean is rising, and, accordingly, the level of the seas is rising, which leads to flooding and erosion of the coast. More than half of the world’s sandy beaches have been destroyed in the 20th century.

One of the consequences of climate change is the intensity, frequency of storms, increase in water surges. This undermines the livelihoods of people living on the sea coast. Strong natural phenomena lead to environmental disasters, as a result of which not only houses are destroyed, but people can also die.

Land use density

Migration processes have such a tendency that people move more actively not to the continental zone, but to the coast. As a result, the number of people on the shores increases, the resources of the sea and the coastline are used more, there is a greater load on the land. Tourism flourishes in resort sea towns, which increases the activity of people. This increases the level of pollution of the water and the coast itself.

Sea pollution

There are many reasons for the pollution of the world’s oceans and, in particular, the seas. From household waste and sewage waters suffer no less than from industry. The source of pollution is not only rivers flowing into the sea, but also various enterprises, acid rain, polluted atmosphere, agrochemicals. Some production facilities are located in close proximity to the sea, which damages the environment.

Among the dirtiest seas on the planet, the following should be listed:

  • Mediterranean;
  • Black;
  • Azov;
  • Baltic;
  • South China;
  • Laccadive.
  • Environmental problems of the seas are relevant today. If they are ignored, then not only the state of the waters of the World Ocean will worsen, but some water bodies may also disappear from the earth. For example, the Aral Sea is on the verge of disaster.

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