Ecological problems of the West Siberian Plain briefly

Among the variety of environmental problems of the world, special attention should be paid to the problems of the Siberian Plain. The main source of environmental problems of this natural object is industrial enterprises, which very often “forget” to install treatment facilities.

The Siberian Plain is a unique natural object, which is approximately 25 million years old. According to the geological state, it is obvious that the plain periodically rose and then fell, which influenced the formation of a special relief. At the moment, the elevations of the Siberian Plain fluctuate between 50-150 meters above sea level. The relief is both hilly and plain, covered with riverbeds. The climate here has also formed a peculiar one a pronounced continental.

Major environmental issues

There are many reasons for the deterioration of the ecology of the Siberian Plain:

  • – active extraction of natural resources;
  • – activity of industrial enterprises;
  • – increase in the number of road transport;
  • – development of agriculture;
  • – timber industry;
  • – an increase in the number of landfills and landfills.
  • Among the significant environmental problems of the West Siberian Plain, atmospheric pollution should be mentioned. As a result of industrial emissions and vehicle exhaust gases, the concentration of phenol, formaldehyde, benzapyrene, carbon monoxide, soot, and nitrogen dioxide has significantly increased in the air. When oil production, concomitant gas is also burned, which is also a source of air pollution.

    Another problem of the West Siberian Plain is radiation pollution. It comes from the chemical industry. In addition, nuclear test sites are located on the territory of this natural object.


    In this region, the problem of pollution of water bodies, which occur due to oil production, the work of various industrial enterprises, and domestic wastewater, is an urgent one. The main miscalculation in this matter was played by the insufficient number of cleaning filters that should be used by different industries. Polluted water does not meet sanitary and epidemiological standards, but the population has no choice, they have to use the drinking water that they are supplied by public utilities.

    The Siberian plain is a complex of natural wealth, which people did not value enough, as a result of which experts argue that 40% of the territory is in a state of permanent environmental disaster.

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