Ecological problems of Ukraine | Ecology of Ukraine briefly

There are a large number of environmental problems in Ukraine, and the main one is pollution of the biosphere. The country has a huge number of industrial enterprises, which is a source of pollution. Agriculture, a large amount of garbage and municipal solid waste also harm the environment.

Air pollution

During the operation of chemical, metallurgical, coal, energy, machine-building enterprises and the use of vehicles, harmful substances are released into the air:

Ecological problems of Ukraine | Ecology of Ukraine briefly
  • hydrocarbons;
  • lead;
  • sulfur dioxide;
  • carbon monoxide;
  • nitrogen dioxide.
  • The most polluted atmosphere in Kamianske. Dnipro, Mariupol, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye, Kyiv, etc. are also among the settlements with dirty air.

    Hydrosphere pollution

    There are big problems with water resources in the country. Many rivers and lakes are polluted with domestic and industrial waste, garbage, acid rain. Also, dams, hydroelectric power plants and other structures exert pressure on water bodies, and this leads to a change in river regimes. Water and sewer systems used by public utilities are very outdated, so accidents, leakage and excessive consumption of resources often occur. The water purification system is not enough high quality, so before use it is required to be additionally cleaned with filters or at least boiling by boiling.

    Environmental problems of Ukraine | The ecology of Ukraine is brief

    Polluted reservoirs of Ukraine:

  • Dnieper;
  • Seversky Donets;
  • Kalmius;
  • Western bug.
  • Soil degradation

    The problem of land degradation is considered no less urgent. In fact, the soil of Ukraine is very fertile, since most of the country is covered with black soil, but as a result of excessive agricultural activity and pollution, soil is exhausted. Experts note that every year fertility is reduced and the thickness of the humus layer decreases. As a result, this leads to the following consequences:

  • soil erosion;
  • salting soils;
  • erosion of the earth with soil waters;
  • Destruction of ecosystems.
  • Not all environmental problems of Ukraine are stated above. For example, in the country there is a big problem of household waste, deforestation and reduction of biodiversity. The consequences of the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are still significant. To improve the state of the environment in the country, it is necessary to make changes in the economy, use environmentally friendly technologies and carry out environmental actions.

    Ecological problems of Ukraine | Ecology of Ukraine briefly
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