Ecological rural settlements in Eurasia and the world

The problem of nature conservation is relevant for many people in all corners of the earth. Living in big cities and small towns, all people feel the call of nature to varying degrees. Some serious people who want to change their lives and join nature resort to active actions, look for like-minded people and create ecovillages.

In essence, ecosettlement is a new way of life, the main one is the connection of man and nature, and the desire to live in harmony with the environment. However, this is not an isolated life from the outside world, the settlers are quite engaged in daily activities, go to work and study. In addition, the achievements of civilization scientific, technological, cultural are applied in practice in the ecovillage.

Ecological rural settlements in Eurasia and the world

Today, not many ecological settlements are known, but they exist in various countries of the world. in Eurasia, it should be called “The Ark”, “Happy”, “Solnechnaya Polyana”, “Yeseninskaya Sloboda”, “Serebryany Bor”, “Tract Sarap”, “Milenki” and others. The main idea behind the formation of such settlements is the desire to live in harmony with nature, create strong families and develop good relations with neighbors.

Ecological rural settlements in Eurasia and the world

Organization of ecovillages

The basic principles of organizing communities of environmental settlements are as follows:

  • environmental restrictions;
  • self-limitation of the production of goods;
  • application of environmentally friendly technologies;
  • agriculture as the main field of activity;
  • healthy lifestyle;
  • respect for the forest;
  • minimal use of energy resources;
  • construction of houses using energy efficient technologies;
  • obscene language, alcohol consumption and smoking are prohibited in the society of ecovillages;
  • natural nutrition is practiced;
  • physical and sports activities have an important place;
  • spiritual practices are applied;
  • a positive attitude and mindset is essential.
  • The future of ecovillages

    Ecological settlements appeared relatively recently. In Europe and America, the first attempts to create settlements in which people live on the above principles appeared in the 1960s. farms of this type began to appear in Eurasia in the late 1990s, when environmental problems began to be actively discussed, and eco-villages became an alternative to developed megacities. As a result, about 30 such settlements are now known, but their number is increasing all the time. The people who live there are united by the idea of ​​creating a community that will appreciate and protect the world around them. Now trends indicate that the future lies with ecological settlements, because when people fail to save their lives in big cities, they return to their roots, that is, to the bosom of nature.

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